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Port Douglas Travel » Blog » Port Douglas – Holidays for Couples on a Romantic Getaway

Port Douglas – Holidays for Couples on a Romantic Getaway

Sep 19

Port Douglas – Holidays for Couples on a Romantic Getaway

If you are feeling like a romantic getaway with your partner, and you are weighing up your options then it is time to take a close look at Port Douglas!

This quaint little tropical destination has it all on tap for honeymooners and the romantics at heart.  

Photo Courtesy of Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Port Douglas is a slice of paradise located approximately one hour drive North of Cairns. It has balmy tropical vibes with swaying palm trees and ocean breezes, and located right on the door step to the Great Barrier Reef with its own Super Yacht Marina

Port Douglas sits on a point and is surround by the waters of the Great Barrier Reef so the location is quiet which sets the mood for the perfect romantic getaway

Port Douglas has some of the best sunsets you will ever see when the sun goes down behind the mountain ranges across the other side of Dickson Inlet and a prime spot to see this is on a picnic rug with a few beverages and nibble in the Anzac Park where the Sunday markets are held.

And if you are a morning person, there is Four Mile Beach to take romantic walks along at sunrise.

Photo Courtesy of Tourism & Events Queensland

Everything about Port Douglas is about tranquillity, relaxation and time away from the ‘real world’.  This may mean a day at the spa for some, relaxing by the pool with cocktails, or an adults only sunset cruise on a late balmy afternoon.

Others may be keen to get out and do some low-key outdoor activities and sightseeing, after all, the reef and rainforest are not far away so you can do some hiking tours and see some wildlife in the rainforests and swim in waterfalls and rivers! 

So, if you are looking for an unforgettable getaway with that special person in your life, read on. We have listed Port Douglas accommodation, restaurants and activities that are suited for a romantic adults only holiday.

Port Douglas Accommodation

No matter what style you are looking for, the most serene and dreamy accommodation can be found here on our list of the top most romantic accommodation in Port Douglas.

Top 5 Luxury accommodation for couples

A romantic getaway for some, means being pampered in sumptuous surrounds with all things refined in a 5 Star Resort or Luxury Apartments. If this is you, see below for our Top 5 Luxury Accommodation Recommendations in Port Douglas

Peppers Beach Club Lagoon Pool area - Photo Courtesy of Peppers Beach Club Port Douglas

Top 5 Adults Only accommodation for couples

Sometimes a romantic getaway for some means peacefulness of actually getting away from the kids. So why would you want to go somewhere where somebody else’s children are staying. If you are wanting time away without kids around, see below for the perfect Adult Only accommodation options in Port Douglas

Breakfast With A View - Photo Courtesy of Mai Tai Resort Port Douglas

Rainforest Accommodation amongst Nature

The sounds of nature have a calming effect on most of us and so does bathing in the rainforest ambience.  And if your idea of a romantic getaway is being as close to the sound of gentle running water or chirping birds amongst the trees around you, then the following accommodation is just what you have been looking for.

Luxurious Rainforest Retreat - Photo Courtesy of Silky Oaks Lodge & Healing Waters Spa

Private Villas and Holiday Homes

Getting away from it all and spending ‘alone’ time with you and the one you love means just that. The two of you with no one else around to disturb you, no knock on the door with “Housekeeping” or neighbours in a suite next door.  If this is your idea of a romantic getaway, then there is nowhere more private than a Private House or Port Douglas Holiday Villa.  Below are two private accommodations suited for a romantic getaway for two. Guaranteed it will feel like you are the only two on the planet.

Port Douglas Restaurants

A romantic dinner can mean a quiet tranquil restaurant for some people, or it could mean Fine Dining with a Degustation menu, or a casual Cocktail with light platters for others.

Below we have listed our favourite restaurants and bars in Port Douglas in to two categories, Fine Dining and less formal dining. Guaranteed that no matter what style of dining or category of food choice, you will be impressed with what’s on the menu.

This is because Port Douglas restaurants pride themselves on their star quality ratings.  Many of which have won numerous prestigious awards, including regional and state titles for being the best in their category.

Port Douglas Fine Food - Photo Courtesy of Tourism & Events Queensland - Krista Eppelstun

Romantic Fine Dining restaurants

  • Watergate Restaurant & Lounge Bar 
  • Nautilus Restaurant 
  • Osprey's Restaurant   
  • Harrison's 
  • Aluco

Romantic Restaurants & Bars

  • Salsa Bar and Grill
  • On The Inlet 
  • Zinc   
  • Sassi
  • Seabean Tapas
  • 2 Fish
  • The Mexican 
  • Chapter One 
  • Arabella’s

Things To Do on An Adults Only Holiday in Port Douglas  

Have you ever been confused about what things there are to do that are ideal for a romantic getaway? Here are a few ideas for those wanting to venture out away from the confines of their accommodation and take their loved one somewhere truly special.  The kind of scenery that is so magical, that you would only want to share it with the one you love.

Port Douglas Sunset Cruise - Photo Courtesy of Aquarius

See below for out Top 10 activities for couples staying in Port Douglas.

Top 10 Romantic Activities for Couples

Tropical Food & Wine Tasting Tour - Photo Courtesy of Brett's Tours

**The activities above are small group tours, but can be catered for as a private charter for just the two of you if booked in advance with plenty of notice**

Day Spas

If you visualise your romantic getaway with relaxation in mind, there is nothing more relaxing than a day of ‘time-out’ being pampered with the likes of a massage, facial or one of the many therapies that day spas have on offer.

Photo Courtesy of Silky Oaks - The Healing Waters Spa

See below for Day Spa recommendations in Port Douglas

  • 2 Healing Hands
  • The Deep Retreat
  • The Healing Waters Spa
  • Niramaya Spa and Beauty
  • Shantara Day Spa

Golf Courses

Port Douglas is home to two world renowned golf courses, with Mossman Golf Club not too far away as an addition. The golf courses located in Port Douglas are spectacular scenery-wise. This is because of their location between the Coral Sea and the Rainforest-clad mountains with their perfectly groomed greens and gardens. Relax and enjoy a round of golf with your special partner at the following golf courses.

  • Mirage Country Club
  • Palmer Sea Reef Golf Course
  • Mossman Golf Club

Read more on Port Douglas Travel about holiday ideas for couples.

Port Douglas Golf - Photo Courtesy of Tourism & Events Queensland

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