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Port Douglas General Information

Holidaying with Teenagers

Being a parent of a teenager is never easy as your not so little ones start to move forward to their independence. Finding activities that you can enjoy as a family and that interest all your brood can enjoy can be very challenging indeed. Port Douglas is a great place to bring teenagers for a holiday. You can feel confident that they can walk or cycle around the town and assert their independence safely. Being small (Macrossan, the main Street in Port Douglas is only a 20 minute walk long) you know that they won’t wander too far away. Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia has all the answers as a place to holiday in with a host of accommodation, tours and activities to appeal to your teenager’s interests and your pocket.

Port Douglas Baby Sitting Services & Childrens Equipment

Port Douglas, in North Queensland, Australia is the ideal holiday destination for families with children and babies of all ages as there are a wide range of children’s hire services available to help support young families whilst you are away from home. From equipment hire to child/baby minding these services are here to make your job as a parent easier and also to give you some valuable ‘down time’ whilst you are on your holiday.

Port Douglas - Holidaying with Young Children and Babies

There are not many holiday destinations that are as perfectly suited as a getaway for a young family with young babies such as Port Douglas in Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia. Miles of stroller friendly beach along Four Miles Beach, with waves that are so gentle as to be more like ripples and a host of activities for the young ones and for Mums and Dads. It's safe, the weather is perfect and there is so much to see and do for the whole family.

Adults Only Holidays - Your Guide to a Romantic Holiday in Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a well known romantic destination, perfect for adults only holidays, honeymoons and couples getaways. To assist you in planning your next Port Douglas tropical escape we have compiled for you some useful information on everything you need to know about adults only holidays so you and your partner have the best holiday ever!

Port Douglas Adult Only Holidays - Things To Do For Adults

So you are thinking about going to Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland Australia for an adults only holiday and you are wondering what there is to do? Well we thought we would write down a little bit of information to assist you in your holiday destination research so you know in advance what to expect, the best adult only accommodation places to stay and most importantly where to be seen. All of this information is provided so you can pre-plan an all adult Port Douglas getaway with tours and attractions minus any gorgeous children and interruption to your personal peace and serenity.

Kuku Yalanji

Are you wanting to know more about the Aboriginal Culture and their rainforest medicines and wishing to see and learn these things from genuine Aboriginals in their cultural lands whilst visiting Port Douglas? If so you must book a tour of Mossman Gorge with the Ngadiku Dreamtime Walks and you will experience a traditional smoking ceremony, visit sacred ceremony sites, see an indigenous cultural performance and more.

Aboriginal Art

When on holidays it is always nice to take home a memento of the region or location that you spent your vacation and a piece of art work that you can put on display is always a good visual reminder for you. As Australia is known as the home of Aboriginals and their ancestors a piece of cultural art work is a very good choice of memento. There are a good variety of Aboriginal Art Galleries in and around the Port Douglas region that you wander thru and at different times speak with the artists and watch them at work. Your piece of Aboriginal art does not necessarily need to be a wall mural it could be a hunting instrument, a clay pot, a bark painting or even a musical instrument. The different Aboriginal clans around the Port Douglas area all have their own unique ways to tell their stories thru their artwork and it is interesting to hear the stories associated with the art.

Port Douglas Weather & Climate

When planning a holiday to Port Douglas you want to try and plan it around the best months to take advantage of the sunny weather and experience as little rain as is possible so it is wise to talk to the local travel experts before booking your holiday. There are two season in North Queensland the Dry Season and the Green Season each one offering unique advantages.

Port Douglas Jelly Fish

There is a lot of misinformation out there about Marine Stingers and Jelly fish on the Great Barrier Reef so we have had a Senior Marine Stinger Adviser put down in her own qualified words the dangers of swimming on the reef from November to May each year and the precautions you should take to ensure you do not get stung. Hopefully this interview will put your fears to rest about jelly fish.