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Port Douglas Weather & Climate

Port Douglas experiences hot and humid summers, and pleasantly cool winters.

Visitors from parts of the world that are located further away from the equator than Port Douglas are often surprised at the lack of seasons.

The difference between summer and winter is very slight, and there is often no way to tell if spring and autumn are current.  Winter in Port Douglas is a popular time with stunning blue skies and comfortable climate.  Ensure to book your Port Douglas Holiday Accommodation early during these peak times!

Port Douglas Accommodation by Cairns Holiday Specialists

Port Douglas Accommodation by Cairns Holiday Specialists

Port Douglas Weather Temperature Guide

The average maximum and minimum daily temperatures for each month are recorded here. Data was first recorded in 1884 at the Port Douglas Post Office, and has continued to this day.

Sea temperatures fluctuate between 23.2 degrees in winter to 28.7 degrees in summer.

Statistics Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg max temp (°C) 30.3 30.1 29.5 28.3 26.7 25.1 24.6 25.3 26.7 28.3 29.5 30.3
Avg min temp (°C) 23.7 23.5 22.8 21.5 19.5 17.7 16.8 17.1 18.6 20.8 22.3 23.3
Avg rainfall (mm) 402.4 427.9 428.2 203.6 72.9 46.9 25.6 24 32 51.8 107.8 211.8

(Climate data provided by the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology)

The changes of seasons, although very slight, follow this manner:

Summer (Green Season): December - February
These months sometimes experience the highest rainfall, and can also be accompanied by thunderstorms and the occasional tropical cyclone. More information on cyclone threats to the area is found below. The average daytime temperature during summer is 31°C. However, actual temperatures that you experience may be much higher due to the high humidity levels. 

This is an amazing time to visit as the ocean is at its best with coral spawning and no wind, the Daintree Rainforest is in bloom like its Spring time and all the animals are having babies and moving about a lot more. This is our favourite time to really see the region at its prime time, however if you are not used to the heat like in Bali, it is wise to make use of the cooler daytime temperatures and plan your tours around the reef, rainforests and waterfalls to stay cool and have fun.

Autumn: March - May
Autumn in Port Douglas is the time to cool off and recover from the Green Season. The difference between autumn and summer is so slight; it is barely worth a mention. The only real difference is the lower rainfall. The average daytime temperature is 30°C. These are the months where you will get some amazing holiday package deals as it is outside peak season and school holidays, so no crowds just pure enjoyment.

Winter: June - August
This time of the year is generally regarded as the most pleasant in every sense of the word - low rainfall, comfortable temperatures during the day, and cool nights. The days are sunny, and even though this is the coldest time of the year for Port Douglas, it remains hotter than many places around the world in summer. The average daytime temperature is 26°C, and humidity levels are low. This is the most popular time of year for visitors to the region albiet the Great Barrier Reef can get a little windy and as it is school holidays peak season rates apply for Port Douglas accommodation and the Reef trips book out very early.

Spring: September - November
The spring months in Port Douglas are very similar to the autumn months. Locals start preparing themselves for the ensuing Green Season as each day becomes steadily warmer.  The average daytime temperature is 30°C. September is a mid peak season with school holidays so you can pick up some great family holiday package deals at this time. Make sure you book early for both accommodation and tours.