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2-The Daintree Rainforest Tours & Cape Tribulation Beaches From Port Douglas

If you are a nature lover the Daintree Rainforest contains scientifically acclaimed examples of flora and fauna representing eight major stages in the earth’s evolutionary history and is home to rare and unique pre-historic wildlife found only in this particular area.  From 6 foot tall prehistoric Cassowary birds to kangaroos that actually live high up in trees.  The animal diversity will astound you as it did Sir David Attenborough and many a scientist and university researcher.  A third of Australia’s mammals and frogs, half of Australia’s birds and a quarter of its reptiles, including over 12000 insects have been catalogued so far, and they are still finding more.

If you are a bird watcher, twitcher or ornithologist or just ‘bird mad’, this is indeed a haven for getting out the binoculars and zoom camera lenses.  You might even cross the path of one of the remaining 1200 Cassowaries that wander around the Daintree Rainforest floor propagating new growth as they pass ancient tree seeds thru their system deep in the rainforest.

If your love is insects you might see the flashing electric blue flutter of a passing Ulysses butterfly or a stick supporting a camouflaged resting Stick Insect (and it’s not a selfie stick).  If you are a herpetologist or a reptile lover you might see a scuttling Boyd’s Rainforest Dragon as it speeds for cover running on its back legs like an athlete hurtling towards a finish line.

If you have a specific area of interest in the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation there are many day tours and night tours on offer.  Should you wish for a private charter Daintree rainforest tour for your special interest then speak to the Cairns Holiday Specialists Tour Specialists team and we will be pleased to tailor a bespoke tour to your specific interests.

If you are not an ‘ologist’ there are so many activities and things to see and things to do in the rainforest to excite children as well as adults.  All the rainforest day tours and night tours are highly educational and enjoyable as they bring to life the beauty of this World Heritage listed rare rainforest jewel. Who says education isn’t fun! 

For an interactive learning experience visit the Daintree Discover Centre.  From the main tower you can climb up and see across  the Daintree Rainforest Canopy.  With interactive tape recordings as you walk round the Daintree Discover Centre is just that – a journey of Discovery.

Why not get wet in the Rainforest and try some River Drift Snorkelling.  This Eco immersion adventure is located where Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg filmed ‘The Pacific’ so it truly is a camera perfect setting.  Picture the most crystal clear rainforest river imaginable, and then imagine what it would feel like to drift slowly (or faster, depending on conditions)  down with the current as you see all the flitting Gobies, Perchlets and Rainbowfish.  You might see yabbies and crayfish or even a large Barramundi.  Keep an eye out for the river banks as Archerfish are common, watch as they shoot a high pressure jet of water with amazing accuracy to dislodge an unsuspecting insect off a leaf above the surface.

After the sun has set the rainforest will heave with the sounds of toad croaks and insect clicks, of scurrying bandicoots and the breath of dragons. A night in the rainforest will indulge the inner Attenborough in you as you discover a whole new wildlife world that comes alive under the cover of dark. With just a torch and a knowledgeable guide it will be literally a highly illuminating tour.

For the equestrian explorer whether beginner or experienced use the advantage of four feet rather than two and take a horse out. With only the breath of your horse and the swish of tail you will be riding in the oldest rainforest in the world, across crystal mountain streams and along river beds.  Once you reach Myall Beach  the rainforest drops away to a golden palm fringed  beach.  Just stunning.

If you are happier with an engine under you, rather than a saddle ,then why not jump on a 4WD tour so you can explore the more secret and hard to get to places in the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation.  The vehicles are comfortable in the bumpy terrain and with small numbers. Visit the local Indigenous people and discover cascading waterfalls as you tour in the back of the rainforest wilderness.

Imagine just the sound of your oars dipping in and out of the water as you paddle in the azure waters of the Coral Sea .  Sea Kayaking in the mostly tranquil waters of Cape Tribulation is a perfect way to feel at one with nature. Many tours can be taken, but one special one is the visit to Snapper Island, one of only a few islands accessible from the mainland (11km ) and is a trademark blob off the side of Cape Tribulation.  An uninhabited island with a pristine beach and surrounding corals you really will feel that you are on the edge of the natural world, a castaway on your own beautiful island.   Explore with a snorkel and you might see turtles, or even a passing dugong.  Sitting on the shore you might see passing dolphins.  

For a finale cool down after all that hot activity what better way than on a delicious home-made and local orchard grown tropical fruit ice cream.  With flavours like coconut ginger, black sapote, mango lime and coffee wattle seed your tastebuds will just be tanging with the explosion of these natural flavours hand made in the rainforest environment from the fruit farms fields.