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6-Get Out On The Water

Imagine reclining on sumptuous cushions on your own luxury yacht.  There is a wide selection of private charter yachts available for hire or organised trips in the Port Douglas Reef Marina. From the positively mega millionaire style white boat, to catamarans and single hull yachts of all sizes there is something to suit every pocket and requirement.  So if you want privacy, fun with a bunch of friends or have something to celebrate a private charter boat fits just perfectly.

If you wish to go on a Great Barrier Reef Yacht Tour then you can take a boat trip and visit the beautiful Low Isles.  This island’s only inhabitants are the resident Terns that breed there and a 130 year old lighthouse and researchers accommodation. The island is surrounded by 55 acres of pristine coral reef. Snorkel from the white pristine sands of the shore or into the crystal blue water to see the coral formations and Giant Clams, shoals of Barracuda, flitting Butterfly fish, Giant Batfish and Angel Fish. For the more land friendly there are ready-made sunshades on the beach so you can read or just relax and soak up the tranquillity and beauty of the island.  Some Private Yacht Charters have glass bottom boats you can sit in and view the underwater delights without getting wet.

Yes, this really is like sitting in a postcard.

Another tour offered is a sunset sail.  The beauty of the sunsets in Port Douglas are just stunning.  Recline on a luxury yacht, sip your wine and eat canapes as you watch the sun set on another magical tropical day.  With just the sound of the flapping of the wind in the yacht’s sails as you watch the different myriad of sunset colours sparkle on the waters of the Coral Sea.  With the Port Douglas sunset sailing tours choose from an adults only tour or a family tour. That’s what holidays are all about! 

If you want to get out on the Water with a capital “W” you can’t beat the rush of hurtling down a raging river.  For sheer adrenaline rush the thrill of plunging headlong into foaming rapids in the Tully or Barron River is an unforgettable adventure.  The beauty of the scenery as you hurtle past is stunning.  With the Tully River regarded as the best rafting river in Australia or New Zealand and surrounded by world heritage rainforest it is prime location for this unforgettable activity.

And for the ultimate luxury yacht charter contact the YOTSPACE crew.