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7-Food And Wine Tasting In Port Douglas

Some of these fruits and vegetables do not look overly appealing to our eyes, that are used to seeing the basic potato, carrot and broccoli in our supermarkets, but once you learn how to prepare these vegetables and exotic tropical fruits you will be hooked.

So many attractions locally are feasts for the eyes, so what about giving your taste buds a treat? There is a real wealth of local growers, brewers and distillers that any foody would give their best cutlery for and it’s right on your doorstep in Port Douglas.

The Tablelands is the food basket of Australia.  The highly fertile soil means that a variety of crops can be grown.  With the climate being tropical the local produce consists of Coffee, Tea, Sugar Cane, Bananas, Mangoes, Avocados and beautiful cheeses. 

From Port Douglas you can arrange a visit to the local Mount Uncle Distillery where their quality hand crafted gin incorporates 14 local Australian native botanics and local cane syrup. From their single 5 year Malt to the world’s first and only marshmallow liqueur ‘sexy cat’ there is a drink for every taste and delectation.

Book yourselves for a day out on Adult Only exploring all the tasty food made by local artisans and foodies around the Port Douglas region on a Food Tasting Tour.

On the low lands around Port Douglas you have Daintree Tea which is pesticide free and many tea connoisseurs believe that the flavour is second to none with a delightful aroma.

With so many tropical fruits in the area, a few local wineries exist that are turning these into award winning exquisite wines and ports. With Mango, Jaboticaba, Lime, Passionfruit, Black Sapote and Purple Mangosteen wines and Chocolate (from local cocoa bean), grape wines seem positively boring. Visitors are quickly converted from thinking that tropical fruit wines are sweet and sickly as the tasting sessions of these superb wines are testimony that this is not the case.

If you wish to taste your tropical fruits as they come, then a tropical fruit tasting will present them in all their shapes and sizes.  Some are bumpy, hairy, lumpy and others have sharp spikes, but most one thing they have in common is that they are delicious. Depending on the season you could be experiencing the new taste of custard apples, , rambutans, s, salaks, soursops chocolate pudding fruit, mangosteen and carambolas.

If you wish to taste some tropical food why not try tropical fruit ice cream! Forget Ben and Jerry’s, this is hand-made and hand grown in the Daintree Rainforest. Depending on the season there are flavours like macadamia, black sapote, passionfruit and wattleseed.

If you would like a producer to the plate tour there are organised tours that keen foodies would love.  If you are shopping in Port Douglas there are many stores that sell the local high quality produce also.