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8-Discover A New Sport And Become An Adrenaline Junky 

For something a bit gentler why not try Stand Up Paddle Boarding. If you can stand up then this is the activity for you. With guided tours you can be taken to the Low Isles, The Rainforest or around Port Douglas.  This gentle sport is an amazing way to see passing turtles, dugongs and marine life.

For the more action packed adventurous activities why not hire a Jet Ski?  With two seats per ski you can make it a family trip or just keep it to singles and couples. Pick up the Jet Ski from the Reef Marina and you can go out coral viewing, fish feeding, visit the Low Isles and have a guided tour to learn more about the secret spots to discover.

If you don’t want to do anything but just get higher naturally with the earth below you, try parasailing.  It doesn’t include the jumping out of a plane, but does include that amazing feeling of feeling weightless as you soar in silence above the clear blue Coral Sea as you are pulled along by boat.  Great for all the family, with a view that can reach as far as Cape Tribulation to the Low Isles and to your hotel room! For families or couples you are able to share your exhilaration as they can give you a parasailing tandem harness so you can share in this amazing experience together.

For those of you with the urge to do things faster and quicker and get the adrenaline pumping you can always just fling yourself off a high place and free fall down.

Bungy jumping will ensure that you bounce right back up. The thrill as you step off the platform from the top of a 50 metre tour (180ft) will have your heart in your mouth.  With 16 different jump styles and a request before you jump if you want to go into the water below or avoid it..  You’ll be going back for another jump!

Leave the sky diving controls with your tandem sky diving instructor as you will be too busy screaming with joy as you plummet out of an aeroplane at 14,000 ft (4270 m) . Imagine the thrill of seeing the Great Barrier Reef and the ancient Daintree Rainforest, Trinity Inlet and the surrounding beaches come towards you at speeds of 220kmh (136 mph) in a 60 second free fall.  Not for the faint hearted this experience is literally a notch above the others.