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Cape Tribulation

The Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation is the famous area where two World Heritage listed entities, The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, meet. Home to nineteen of the world's most primitive plant species, Cape Tribulation is a vital ecosystem that sustains numerous endemic animals such as the Daintree River Ringtail Possum, Bennett's Tree Kangaroo, and the endangered Southern Cassowary. Each year visitors flock from all over the world to enjoy the many splendid activities on offer in the rainforest such as jungle surfing, horse riding, sea kayaking, river drift snorkeling and four wheel driving as well as to enjoy the natural wonders of rainforest and Reef.

Port Douglas Accommodation by Cairns Holiday Specialists

Port Douglas Accommodation by Cairns Holiday Specialists

Whether you take a day trip to the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation from Port Douglas or if you choose to stay in the Daintree area, a trip to Cape Tribulation is a must do to see the brilliance of this pristine untouched rainforest in all its glory. Australians are very proud of the Daintree Cape Tribulation region and it stands as a shining example to the rest of the world to show the importance of the vital link rainforests and this region has to not only the health of the rainforest inhabitants but also the health of the human race and the valuable nutrients that run off into the Great Barrier Reef to ensure its survival into the future. The rainforest has so many positive symbiotic relationships with its inhabitants that spread seeds around the forest floors and canopies to keep regeneration going year after year to ensure the survival of the Daintree Cape Tribulation Rainforest.

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Cape Tribulation Rainforest Walks

A perfect way to view the amazing flora and fauna of the Daintree National Park is to go on one of the many guided walks with a knowledgeable guide through lush tropical rainforest. Most walks While the walks range from roughly ten minutes to six hours, no matter which route you choose you are sure to see some amazing strangler figs and perhaps even a cassowary or two but just in case you do make sure you keep your distance as these birds are not too friendly. Ensure you have the correct attire for hiking in the rainforest and that you have fresh water and food and advise people of your plans prior to departure as there is no mobile phone service in the Daintree Cape Tribulation region should you get lost or hurt.

Horse Riding Cape Tribulation

For an ultra romantic and exciting way to explore the beach and rainforest in Cape Tribulation why not try a guided horse riding tour. Guides offer either afternoon or morning rides and cater for beginners, mid level, and experienced riders. Prior to commencing your riding adventure, guides will give you a comprehensive tuition session. Whether you choose to go for a group ride or a couple's ride, horse riding on the beach and through the rainforest is an amazing experience.

Sea Kayaking Cape Tribulation

If you bring the brawn, tour operators in Cape Tribulation will supply the paddles and kayak. Sea kayaking in Cape Tribulation is a great way to explore the reef and get an up close look at some aquatic animals. As you paddle on the great open water make sure to keep an eye out for sea eagles, sea turtles, dolphins, dugongs, and sting rays.

For the novice kayaker, tour guides will give you an overview of the all the basic techniques and you will be out and about on the reef in no time at all. Most tour operates hold morning and afternoon sea kayaking sessions.

Canoe at Cape Tribulation Kayak Canoe Tribulation Canoes on the beach


Four Wheel Driving in Cape Tribulation

If you are into steep declines and lots of mud, four wheel driving in Cape Tribulation will not fail to disappoint. For the ultimate off-road experience, head to Bloomfield Track where you will be navigating your way over plenty of creek and riverbed crossings. Experience the Bloomfield Track with an expert guide as you take in sights and the adventure with a handful of operators offering small group 4WD day trips and extended trips. The Bloomfield Track is just over 30 kilometers long and most drivers take the course at around 30 kilometers an hour. Along the way, make sure you stop to check out the 250 year old giant strangler fig. The Bloomfield track is not to be taken lightly and you need to be very well prepared with safety gear for a journey like this one. If you are driving yourself always ensure you check recent road conditions, notify someone that you are driving this track and advise them of an expected time when you reach your destination and then call to advise that you have made it safely.  

The Bat House

The Bat House is the perfect place to drop in and get some education on Cape Tribulation's unique flora and fauna. Run by volunteers from the Austrop conservation organisation, The Bat House also serves as a rehabilitation centre and nursery for dozens of orphaned flying foxes. The flying fox is an intelligent creature and visitors find the animals interesting to watch and simply adorable.

As well as being able to meet a flying fox, The Bat House also has a 1km guided rainforest loop walk. On the walk, guides will discuss how the rainforest is being replanted as well as provide you with loads of interesting information about native tropical flora.  The Bat House is open from Tuesday - Sunday from 10:30am - 3:30pm. The entry fee goes towards funding the research, rescue, and feeding of the flying foxes at The Bat House.

Cape Tribulation Beaches

Dotted along the coastline of Cape Tribulation are some of the most beautiful unpopulated beaches in Australia. While there are plenty of visitors to the stunning beaches every day, as they are so vast and there is so many to choose from, you can walk for miles along the sandy shore without seeing another person. A day at a Cape Tribulation Beach is the perfect way to enjoy the stunning natural beauty that Port Douglas and Tropical North Queensland has to offer.  Cool off on a tropical summer's day in the fresh waters of the Rainforest Swimming Holes - with a few tour operators offering optional swims at Emmagen Creek or Cooper Creek.

Aerial image of Cape Tribulation Kayaks in the bay Golden sand in Cape Tribulation


Myall Beach

The golden sands of Myall Beach stretch for over four kilometers and it feels as if you could walk the shoreline forever. At low tide, rock pools appear which are perfect for exploring and looking for shells and marine life.

Cape Tribulation Beach

Located on the northern side of Cape Tribulation headland, this beach has clear blue water lapping gently against golden sand for as far as the eye can see. Home to the Cape Tribulation Beach Resort, Cape Tribulation Beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or simply basking on the sand in the warmth of the sun.

Port Douglas Accommodation by Cairns Holiday Specialists

Emmagen Beach

This normally deserted beach has a 700 meter walk that begins opposite the car park and behind a very large fig tree. While the walk is only short, it will provide you with sweeping views across the mangroves that line the rocky beach.

Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is located a stones throw from the exquisite Cape Tribulation Resort and Spa. As the name suggests, the golden sands of this beach are lined with coconut trees. This beach is perfect for a romantic stroll at dusk or for collecting shells at low tide.

Noah Beach

Noah's Beach is the ultimate spot for a fun family vacation. Located a short walk from a fully equip campground the beach is a great for swimming, relaxing, and walking. Just 8 kilometers from Cape Tribulation, the campground is on Cape Tribulation road and has three walking paths that will give you direct access to the beautiful Noah Beach.

Thornton Beach

If you walk to the southern point of this beach you will be in for some breathtaking views of Queensland's third highest mountain, Thornton Peak. There is plenty of plenty of Accommodation close to Thornton Beach, so why not stay a while and enjoy the golden sands and warm clear waters of one of Australia's most beautiful beaches.