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Daintree Walking Tracks

Do you love exercising and hiking? If the answer is yes then here are some beautiful rainforest walks you can do yourself. Make sure you have the necessary maps and compass and plenty of food and water for the journey though. Wear sensible covered walking shoes and long socks. Ensure you have sun block and of course insect repellent.  Check out a few guided rainforest walks here to gain valuable knowledge and appreciation of this world heritage area.

A whistle is always good in case you are injured or out of breath and cannot call out. And do not bother about bringing your mobile phone as Telstra has not quite got around to providing service in these parts yet. For hiking maps and information call the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services on 07 4098 2188

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Daintree Cape Tribulation Self Guided Walks

Cape Tribulation Beach Lookout

It will only take you roughly ten minutes to reach the Cape Tribulation Beach Lookout point from the Kulki car park. Once there, you will enjoy sweeping views of the rolling mountain ranges that meet the golden sands of the idyllic Myall Beach. The vast view is simply breathtaking and visitors often spend an extended amount of time just taking it all in. Along the short walk to the lookout point you will see some interesting flora and fauna. Be sure to keep an eye out for the inquisitive Australian Brush Turkey. Hard to miss with their bright read faces and blue/black plume, the Australian Brush Turkey is a shy creature and will scamper away if you approach it. Many of the day trips to Cape Tribulation include this iconic walk.  Check them out here!

Dubuji Boardwalk

For this walk, look for the signs for the Dubuji car park from the main road at Cape Tribulation. From the car park follow the signs to the Dubuji Boardwalk. The boardwalk will lead you through mangroves and lush tropical rainforest teeming with wildlife. The Dubuji Boardwalk trek will take you roughly one hour to complete a return trip. Please note this track is only 1200m and is wheelchair friendly and there are picnic tables and bathroom facilities and barbeque.

Cape Tribulation Ariel View Cape Tribulation Kayaking Cape Tribulation Rainforest meets The Great barrier Reef

Myall Beach to Mason's Shop

This walking track is well worth the effort as you will be treated to a fabulous swim at the half way point. Roughly two hours for the round trip, Myall Beach to Mason's Shop begins at the Kukli car park and winds over the ridge of Cape Tribulation and right across Myall Beach. You will come to Mason's Creek at the southern end of Myall Beach, here you can either stop for a swim and refreshment at Mason's Shop or continue on to the Dubuji Boardwalk. This rainforest hike is around about 1.5 kilometres. On the return walk, you can retrace your steps or follow the foot path along the road back to the car park.

Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail

This trail will take you roughly six hours to complete and is perfect for the experienced hiker. The beginning of the Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail is located on Bloomfield Road, about 150 meters north of the Kukli turn-off. Parts of the trail ascend steeply and you will encounter several large fallen trees along the way. While you are walking, make sure you keep an eye out for Boyd's Forest Dragons clinging to trees trunks. While the animals are chameleons and are generally tricky to spot, hikers on this trail are often lucky enough to spot a few along the way.

Marrdja Boardwalk

Meanders in a 1200m loop providing the hiker with an excellent introduction to rainforest and mangrove ecosystems. There is also a viewing platform over the pristine Noah Creek. This track is wheelchair friendly.

Mt Sorrow

This one is aptly named as it is a big hike across the Mt Sorrow ridge starting near Kulki. This is a tough full day walk so make sure you are prepared and you have picked up your maps and other information from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Phone them on 07 4098 2188

Kulki Boardwalk

This is a nice easy 400 m walk with a viewing platform over the beach and is wheelchair friendly and has picnic table and wash room facilities.

Emmagen Creek

This walking trail is a short stroll of around 700m from the dirt road 5 klms north of Cape Tribulation. A rough track leads to mangroves at the mouth of the creek, and a rocky beach that is great for exploring, and offers spectacular views of Cape Tribulation. Warning Warning do not swim here unless you want to end up on a crocodile menu. Crocodiles sometimes come up the creek to rid themselves of pests and to see what they can find to eat.

From the dirt road an 800m walk upstream on the track beyond the gate leads to a safer swimming hole. Enjoy a small group day trip including a swim at Emmagen Creek with expert local guides - see more info.

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Cape Tribulation to Emmagen Creek walking trail

This is a great two hour round hiking trip and it is a great "reef meets rainforest" type of experience. Just check the local tides before you set off. This 5 klm hiking trail links with Kulki with the Emmagen Creek Walk. You can choose to return the same way or come back by the boring road.

If you are a serious hiker and camper then a trip out to Snapper Island may be your thing. Snapper Island is a National and Marine Park lying off Cape Kimberley surrounded by fringing Reefs. Snapper Island has good snorkelling and swimming in pure blue waters and great boat fishing on the Reef edge.

Please note no camp fires are permitted on the island. There are toilets and picnic tables provided and Crocodylus Village is the place to book your kayaking tour to the island and arrange to camp overnight if you do not have your own boat and equipment.  

Why not stay longer - There are so many great walks that are mapped out and there are so many that are not that if you really want to experience the full beauty that the Daintree Cape Tribulation area has to offer then you need to stay in some comfortable hotel,resort, bed and breakfast or hostel style Accommodation. There are quite a number of Accommodation house locations to choose from such as beachfront resorts, spa resorts in the rainforest, cosy bed and breakfast Accommodation or for the budget backpacker hostel share style Accommodation