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Agincourt Reef Ribbon Reef | Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas

Renown as the best reef to visit from Port Douglas, Agincourt Reef which is touted as being one of the best Diving and snorkeling sites in the world . Comprising of numerous smaller ribbon reefs, Agincourt Reef is located at the very edge of the Great Barrier Reef along the Reefs Continental Shelf. Below the crystal clear surface of the Coral Sea lives some of the most vibrant aquatic animal and plant life that is totally unique to Australia's coast.

A day spent on the Great Barrier either scuba diving Agincourt, snorkeling, or taking it all in while staying dry is an opportunity not to be missed. Port Douglas is the closest departure point in the Tropical north to reach the famous Agincourt Ribbon Reef with the higher speed boats taking around 90minutes to reach Agincourt which is 75 nautical miles out to sea to the edge of the Continental shelf. 

Another great option to Fly by helicopter to Agincourt and enjoy the spectacular view from above, before enjoying the day snorkelling the reef.

Or for an ultra luxury holiday charter a superyacht with YOTSPACE and take an expert dive master with you to see the best of the best of this reef. 

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Port Douglas Dive Tours - Agincourt Ribbon Reef

Agincourt Reef  - The best snorkeling and scuba diving off the coast from Port Douglas. There are many companies that offer dive trips out to Agincourt Reef for experienced and novice scuba divers. While you must have some basic training on the way out to the Reef before you can scuba dive, it is well worth the effort when you are Diving amongst playful fish and getting an up close look at stunning coral. 

Certified scuba divers can dive and swim with whales and sharks on our overnight liveaboard dive tours but these must be booked far in advance as these Great Barrier Reef dive tours sell out fast.

feeding on the outer reef Friendly Turtles on the Reef An amazing Potatoe Cod


When you board the dive boat in Port Douglas you will be asked to sign a Medical Form which will ask if you have illnesses such as asthma, a cold or flu or a chest cold or if you are on any sort of blood pressure tablets. If you have any of these issues then you will not be permitted to scuba dive as the pressure on your lungs would be too great. For experienced or certified scuba divers, gear is provided from the tour companies who visit Agincourt Ribbon Reef but they will require you to present an internationally recognized scuba Diving certification card or if you have forgotten to bring it along they can also look up your Diving certification number on computer.

Once you have completed your brief introductory scuba dive course you are suited up and ready to go and explore the many great dive sites at the Agincourt Reef. A dive master will be in the water with you at all times and they will ask you to show them the signals that you were taught on the boat to see that you are okay. Another dive master stands on the boat above you also making sure you are comfortable. As more new introductory divers go into the water a dive master will also be waiting underwater down on the rope for you to make your way down to around 4 metres and once you are there they will again test your signals and see how comfortable you are.

Once all the divers are under the water you will be going off in groups of four introductory divers arm in arm with a dive master in the middle. They will take it easy at first so that you get used to hearing nothing but your own body breathing and learn how to adjust your floatation vests and clear out any water from your masks. Once all the introductory divers are comfortable you are then off on an adventure that will never cease to amaze you.

Once you have had your first introductory dive you will be hooked and want to have a dive on every beach holiday you have and then maybe even do a certified scuba dive course which can be done in a block of four days or split up amongst several weeks.

Introductory divers will go anywhere from 7 metres to 10 metres deep for their first dive and will be under the water from 20-30 minutes.

Port Douglas Snorkel Tours - Snorkeling Agincourt Ribbon Reef

A snorkelling tour is a great way to see the underwater marine life and coral structures on Agincourt Reef. All of the Great Barrier Reef boat companies that depart from Port Douglas who take you on board and out on the reef for the day will loan you snorkeling equipment. This equipment consists of a face mask with a fitted snorkel and a pair of flippers which are all very easy to use. The crew on board the boat will give you lessons on snorkelling whilst cruising out to the Great Barrier Reef. While it may take a few minutes to adjust to the new apparatus, snorkeling beginners will feel at ease gliding through the water in no time at all. Children have no trouble getting accustomed to snorkeling equipment, making it the perfect activity for them to enjoy time out on the Great Barrier Reef and Agincourt Reef. The boat crew is always on hand to help you make adjustments to the fitting of your snorkel equipment and to ensure you are comfortable in the water.

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Alternatives to Snorkelling and Scuba Diving at Agincourt Reef

If snorkelling or scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef at Agincourt Reef does not appeal to you, never fear. There are plenty of other ways for you to experience the reef without actually getting wet. Some companies offer a glass bottom boat or semi submersible submarine coral viewing tour where you can still manage to get a bird's eye view of all the marine life and coral below the surface while staying dry. The best part about these semi submarine tours is that marine biologists or marine interpreters are on board and talk you through what you are viewing thru the glass so you are sure not to miss a thing. These glass bottom boats really do give you a snorkeller's eye view of what is going on just below the surface. The other great thing is that you can enjoy as many glass bottom boat and semi submersible submarine tours as you like during the day as it's all included in your ticket price.

Alternatively, some Great Barrier Reef marine operators have underwater observation decks on their pontoon or platform from where you can get another good view of the coral and marine life. You can even take pictures of your family and friends Diving and snorkelling from inside this underwater observatory. See the inquisitive fish come right up to the glass for a closer look at you. The underwater observatory, the glass bottom boat and the semi submersible submarine are great for all age groups especially for the people that do not want to swim or the little ones in the prams that cannot swim. At least everyone can get a good look and experience the Great Barrier Reef.

If you are a non-swimmer but still wish to see the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas you may take a scenic helicopter flight  and enjoy one of the non-swimmer reef tours for a day of pleasure which all depart from Port Douglas.

Confused by all the options for snorkel & dive tours from Port Douglas?  Contact the Great Barrier Reef Specialists who will assist with booking the best Great Barrier Reef experience for you that depart from the village of Port Douglas!

Helicopter Flights Port Douglas to the Great Barrier Reef

For the thrill seeking adventure lover, a helicopter ride from Port Douglas to Agincourt Ribbon Reef would be the ultimate adventure. Marvel at how the view below morphs from the lush green tropical rainforest and golden beaches, to the vivid blue waters of the Coral Sea. To view the Great Barrier Reef and Agincourt Reef from above is an amazing sight and the helicopter flight is an experience to be remembered. Your helicopter will land at a platform moored at Agincourt and you will have all day to explore the reef scuba Diving, snorkeling, or through a semi submersible boat before taking the helicopter back home. If you are taking a helicopter out to the Great Barrier Reef you will not be able to scuba dive as you would have missed the safety briefing on board the boat so it is advised to cruise out and helicopter back to Port Douglas if you intend on scuba Diving.

The view down to the Great Barrier Reef coral bommies is amazing to say the least. The colour of the water is the first thing that hits you and then you come across the coral formations. You are flying anywhere from 500 feet to one thousand feet and you can see manta rays, turtles, dugongs, dolphins whales and all sorts of other marine life from your helicopter seat.

From Port Douglas you can also arrange a helicopter flight out to a deserted sandy coral cay for a romantic breakfast or an afternoon sparkling wine and cheese Wedding proposal or simply a swim and a snorkel.

You can combine an all in one helicopter flight from Port Douglas over the Great Barrier Reef and the world heritage Daintree and Cape Tribulation Rainforest region and even land on an Aboriginal site and take a walk with a tribe to learn the secrets of the rainforest and the Aboriginal culture

Other ways to spend time on Agincourts outer Barrier Reef is overnight accommodation on a luxury private charter boat or yacht where you will be rocked to sleep and treated like a special guest in a five star hotel with three meals a day and snacks and lots of snorkelling and scuba diving in between.