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The historic town of Mossman is just a ten minute drive away from Port Douglas and serves as the gateway to the rainforest, and stunning Mossman Gorge. Nestled amongst vast sugar cane fields at the base of the mountains, Mossman is a picturesque little country town full of friendly locals welcoming you to their little slice of paradise. As much of the land in Mossman holds significant meaning for indigenous Australians, the town is a great place to learn about Aboriginal culture. If you are heading out to the amazing Mossman Gorge, make sure you stop by Mossman town for a delicious pub lunch, a tour of their world famous sugar mill, and a browse through the local shops.

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Mossman Gorge

The Mossman Gorge's natural beauty is unrivalled. The sun is ever streaming through the thick rainforest canopy onto the crystal clear rock pools that are perfect for swimming. Combined with the ripple and splash of flowing water, native Australian birds sing together to provide a magical soundtrack to the rainforest.

The stunning area is part of the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park and is peaceful yet vibrant all at the same time. The Mossman Gorge is a perfect spot for picnicking, walking, and viewing some unique Australian flora and fauna. It is not hard to see why thousands of visitors travel from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful tropical rainforest and all the delights it has to offer.

Kuku Yalanji

The KuKu Yalanji Aboriginal tribe were the original inhabitants of the area in which the Mossman Gorge is located. The tribe is rumored to have lived in the rainforest for some 4000 years.

Since World War II the KuKu Yalanji tribe has been rebuilding its population and has been passing down through their generations a deep respect and understanding for the environment.

Today they take great pride in teaching tourists and locals about their heritage and how to care for the environment.

Mossman Sugar Mill 

The Mossman Sugar Cane Mill is the northern most sugar cane mill in Australia. 

The Mossman Sugar Mill has had over 100 years of operation, and has been forced to climb some steep uphill battles, yet somehow always managed to survive. Today the Mossman Sugar Mill continues to produce thousands of tonnes of raw sugar each year.

Mossman History

The region was named Mossman in 1873 by explorer George Dalrymple but town planners changed it to Mossman after discovering there was already a suburb in Sydney which used the same spelling.

Due to the agreeable weather conditions it was soon decided that Mossman would be a prime place to establish a sugar cane industry.

Almost 20 years after a village was established in Mossman, the first sugar cane plantation was developed followed by the historic Mossman Sugar Cane Mill which is still in operation and processes thousands of tonnes of cane each year.

The town has made leaps and bounds in technological advances in the sugar cane industry and abandoned cutting cane by hand in 1978.

Mossman Accommodation

From Port Douglas there is wide choice of nearby Accommodation in Mossman that is sure to suit every need and budget. Located just a short drive from both the Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas the quaint Australian town is the perfect place to stop a while, kick back, relax and mingle with some friendly locals.  To fully be immersed in the rainforest surrounding Mossman - Silky Oaks Lodge offers an all inclusive luxury retreat on the banks of the Mossman River where we recommend staying two or three nights!

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