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Port Douglas Happy Honeymoons - Romantic Holidays, Queensland, Australia

Port Douglas is the gateway to exploring Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the amazing diversity of the marine life living in it as well as the Daintree Rainforest which is the oldest rainforest in the world.  Both these iconic World Heritage listed sites are joined like interlocked lovers and it is the only place on the planet where two World Heritage sites are actually side by side together as one.

Port Douglas is an ideal launching pad if you wish to explore the Great Barrier Reef or the Daintree Rainforest.  If you want to explore and do things you have never done before as a couple then you can choose to go ballooning in a hot air balloon, sky diving or take your own helicopter trip to a deserted tropical island.

If you prefer to go under the water’s surface, then you can experience being underwater and scuba dive or view the scenery from a semi-submersible submarine or you can snorkel and watch the myriad of brightly coloured reef fish, turtles and giant clams and of course the amazing formations of the coral.

For on land activities you can go jungle trekking, waterfall hopping, or gliding above in a gondola. Any day tour you go on will be against the back drop of some of the most amazingly beautiful scenery of these World Heritage listed iconic sites. 

Memories of your amazing honeymoon in Port Douglas will have you coming back here as an excuse for all your anniversaries!

Port Douglas also has the handy advantage of having award winning fine-dining restaurants for those honeymoon and quiet romantic celebration dinners, with an abundance of day tours and activities both day and night and some great little bars and live music for couples of all age groups.

Port Douglas is on the doorstep for most Australian’s as it’s only a short hop on a domestic plane flight to reach this amazing tropical paradise. It’s also a magnet for international and local pop stars, rock stars and lots of other rich and famous folks who like to mingle with the locals in all the regional attractions without being harrassed.

For those out of Australia, Cairns International Airport is only a one hour scenic drive away and you can whisk your lover to your romantic Port Douglas holiday accommodation in style either in a stretch limousine with a surprise bottle of bubbles waiting in the car for you or in a private low level scenic helicopter flight or even on the back of a really cool trike motor bike.

You won’t need your phrase book and the food is all freshly prepared by award winning top chefs in award winning local restaurants on a daily basis. So you know what you are getting here.  The food here is literally fresh from the field onto your plate as the region is known as the food bowl of Australia and produces exotic tropical fruits, fresh vegetables and obviously fresh fish from the Great Barrier Reef.

With such a wide range of shops you’ll find everything you could possibly need (and yes, there is also an adult shop in Port Douglas too!).

Port Douglas is almost an island as 3 of its 4 sides border the water.  On the south side is the palm fringed iconic white sand beach of Four Mile Beach and on the north side is the inlet that leads from the Coral Sea to the Crystalbrook Reef Marina, where yachts and luxury white boats from around the world are moored.  Why not experience the ultimate romantic Queensland getaway on an exclusive superyacht voyage - these adult only voyages depart from Port Douglas and offer an antimate experience of the iconic Lizard Island and Great Barrier Reef.

Most of the Port Douglas holiday resorts are either next to the beach, within a minute’s walk away or just a shuttle bus ride away.  So if you fancy walking hand in hand down the beach it’s not too far.  

Or of course there’s always the resort pool to laze by on a sun bed and with a good book (or just you your new husband, wife or lover).

And we even have Adult Only tours and attractions for the romantic couples here is Port Douglas such as a Food & Wine tour a Sunset Sailing tour.

Port Douglas Adult Only Holiday Accommodation in Queensland - No Kids! - Child Free

Though children might be welcome in your future, being on honeymoon or on a lover’s weekend getaway and being disturbed by other’s squealing offspring might not be your idea of a romantic getaway. Port Douglas does have some adult only resort’s where the pitter patter of tiny feet can remain purely in your future plans.

Thala Beach Nature Reserve - Click Here

Shantara Resort and Spa Port Douglas - Click Here

Port Douglas Apartments - Click Here

Peninsula Boutique Hotel Port Douglas - Click Here

Martinique on Macrossan - Click Here

Silky Oaks Lodge - Click Here

Resorts here in Port Douglas are well used to welcoming couples and honeymooners and on your arrival you will most likely receive a welcome surprise (bubbly, rose petals, balloons and cards if you are lucky). 

Romantic Dining Experiences – Port Douglas, Australia

There’s nothing more romantic than sleeping in late and ordering for room service to bring you your breakfast choices.  Breakfasting in bed together or relaxing on your private veranda is the ultimate in romantic indulgence and a great way to begin your day.

Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort - Click Here

Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort and Spa - Click Here

Thala Beach Nature Reserve - Click Here

Take a picnic and go to a secluded part of the beach (which isn’t hard on Four Mile Beach) or watch the boats go by and the sun set over the mountains at Cape Tribulation at Rex Smeal Park under the palm trees and. Or if you wish to surprise your partner you can even arrange to set up a romantic chairs and table and candlelight for a romantic dinner under the stars & palm trees by the seaside. This is a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or to make a wedding proposal.  To arrange your romantic dinner for two call Port Douglas Catering.

Relax, Unwind in the Most Romantic Villas in Port Douglas

If you would like your own totally private place to unwind, relax and enjoy some intimate time together then there are beautiful beach side and ocean view properties that you can stay in. These are self-contained so you can have little cook offs together and never have to leave your little romantic abode. They even have swimming pools and or hot spa pools to add a little extra luxury. You can even call in for some mobile masseurs to give you both side by side massage treatments.

Prada Luxury Holiday Villa Port Douglas - Click Here 

Villa 10 on Grant Luxury Holiday Villa - Click Here

Solana on the Beach - Click Here

Far Pavillions - Click Here

Port Douglas Whirlwind Romantic Weekends - Whisk Yourselves Off To Far North Queensland, Australia  

Whisk your lover away for a spontaneous weekend of fun and romance in the much desired tropical township destination of Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia.  Why wait for an annual holiday or a long weekend make your own romantic long weekend away from the busy crowds so it’s just you and your loved one enjoying all the sites and the things to see and the things to do in your own time without any pressures.

There are so many amazing places to stay in and around Port Douglas no matter what your romantic holiday budget is. Our team of local Travel Experts ( can plan the most romantic of holidays you could ever have wished for.

Time is precious and time alone with the person you love is precious too so don’t waste it, travel and experience fun exciting adventures together in the fabulous environs of Port Douglas.

Port Douglas is well placed to offer short breaks as Cairns International Airport is only a one hour’s scenic drive away.  Being only 3 hrs from Sydney and 3 hrs 20 mins from Melbourne it’s well doable for a long break and to get away.

Many visitors remark that this little township doesn’t seem like it’s a part of Australia.  Being on the same latitude as Vanuatu at latitude 16 degrees, the only climate it has is warm and hot, hot and warm.  In winter it maintains a cooler 25 degrees average, compared to its 30 degree summers.

It’s also dramatically different with its flora and fauna.  It is the only place in the world where two iconic World Heritage sites meet, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, so the surrounding scenery is stunning.

So whether you want to get wet exploring the Great Barrier Reef, get high in a helicopter, trek in the jungle, ride around on a tandem bicycle or even an open horse drawn carriage - there is an activity to suit every couple’s tastes and interests.

The Best Romantic Port Douglas Short Break Deal

It’s in the winter months when couples in South Australia find that the romance of body warmth and sharing a heater is fading that a short break to Port Douglas can really literally put the heat back into your romance.

Our Port Douglas Travel experts can find you great deals for hotels and tours from some of the best local hotel and tour operators.  These have the perfectly suited romantic accommodation and the reef and rainforest trips included or we can design a bespoke package holiday for you that will not only suit your specific requirements but also your holiday budget.

If you wish to book your holiday accommodation separately there are a host of romantic getaway options from Resort Rooms to private villas. Due to the layout of Port Douglas, you won’t be far away from Four Mile Beach or a view across the aquamarine waters of the Coral Sea and the coral cays of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Most Romantic Bathing In Port Douglas

If you fancy getting close amongst the bubbles of a spa or lounging in your own double bath with a glass of celebratory sparkling wine each, then these holiday accommodation choices below are just some of the best of the places that offer this extra special romantic bathing experience. 

Coconut Grove Apartments have rooms with their own double spa bath and balcony spa,

Sea Temple Private Apartments have their own private balcony spa,

Peppers Beach Club your veranda has a spa bath, 

2/23 Murphy Street with its own heated plunge pool at this private villa.

Love And Pamper In The Ultimate Spa Session – Port Douglas

Why don’t you have a real pamper and book a couples spa session, complete with a large outdoor bath you can both wallow in together under the rainforest garden ferns. Using only natural botanicals sourced from the rainforest your couples romantic spa session will both have you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated making this spa experience is the ultimate in romance.


Port Douglas Excitement, Adventure, Exploration for Couples 

What better way to connect as a couple than by discovering and exploring together on a couple’s holiday filled with action and adventure. Whether discovering a new culture, a new sport, looking at strange animals, or just experiencing a buzz of adrenaline, the couples that play together stay together.

With the amazing diversity of landscapes and eco systems Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, Australia is the hub for the tours that visit the Daintree Rainforest in Cape Tribulation and the Great Barrier Reef. These two World Heritage sites sit in beautiful splendour next to each other, and it is the only place in the world where two sites do this.  This gives you both a wide range of activities you can choose from whether on land, in the air or under the water.

Discover the Indigenous culture and learn from the local Aboriginal tribe how they have survived for 50,000 years in the Daintree Rainforest on this multi award winning cultural tour.

Or marvel at wildlife you have never seen before like the 1.8 m (6ft) high Cassowary and a Lumholtz tree kangaroo - wildlife tours information.

There is so much to see and do in Port Douglas you will definitely not have time to do it all.

Where Couples can Explore the Reef and Get Wet Together in Port Douglas

All of the outer Barrier Reef and island tours leave from the Reef Marina just near Macrossan Street in Port Douglas. You can choose a range of different activities from snorkelling to diving to exploring the reef or going to the Low Isles by yacht and spending time exploring this beautiful uninhabited coral cay island. 

The Port Douglas tour boats head out to Agincourt or Opal Outer Reefs, where these pristine reefs host a wealth of marine life.  From brightly coloured Angel and Butterfly fish to giant clams and sweet little ‘Nemo’ clown fish.  The reefs that lay this far north are healthy, as there is little human impact from shore, and there is an abundance of hard and soft corals that look like the imaginings of a mad 3D printer.

On the water you can also take part in jet skiing and parasailing, white water rafting, stand up paddle boarding (private couple tours for honeymooners are offered on half day rainforest tours) (link to Windswell when loaded up on site) and the weather conditions are ideal for kitesurfers, whether you are beginners or advanced.

Couples Get Wild in the Jungle together in the Daintree Rainforest

Away from the water you also choose to explore the Daintree & Cape Tribulation Rainforests.  These are the oldest rainforests in the world and many of the plants and animals that inhabit this area are found solely in this jungle enclave.  The area of the Daintree Rainforest spreads out to a 1200 km2 (745 m2) that’s the size of Manhattan.  This area is so pristine that scientists are still discovering new species under its luxuriant green canopy.

Whilst frolicking in the jungle you can choose to go on trekking adventures and bathing in rainforest creeks and waterfalls on your rainforest day tour.

Why not go back in time to learn and explore the rainforest with an Aboriginal guide and find out how they have survived in this once inhospitable environment for 50,000 years, way before Bear Grylls came on the scene!

If you would like to know more about the animals and birds that inhabit the Daintree Rainforest then visit the local Wildlife Habitat you can Breakfast with the Birds and Lunch with the Lorikeets.  You can both see the rare Cassowary or Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo and feed the wallabies and kangaroos together.  Have your picture taken with a koala, snake or young crocodile.

Or if you want to see the jungle with a bit more speed you can both take out a quad bike and zip through the old logging trails.

Couples Get High Together In Port Douglas

If you want to go up and down, then you can skydive, ride in a microlight and hanglider, ride in helicopter to your own private coral cay for lunch or land in the rainforest by a waterfall, go bungy jumping or buckle up in a swing for two on the Minjin swing and hear each other scream.

For all adrenalin-pumped couples there are plenty of activities to get both your knuckles white and to give you both the experience of a life time.

Your Couples’ Holiday on Islands, Beaches and the Great Barrier Reef, Far North Queensland, Australia

You can’t beat a romantic getaway lazing on a tropical beach, whether for your honeymoon or just as a couples’ holiday. With the crystal aquamarine waters of the Great Barrier Reef stretching to the horizon and with your footprints being the only ones on the white sands of the beach.  Whether on your own tropical island or on a deserted beach, romantic getaways don’t get better than this.

Port Douglas is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and to the pristine reefs that lie 30 nautical miles away off Cape Tribulation.

Interspersed like a Dalmation dog’s coat the reefs speckle like dark spots against the aquamarine clear waters of the Coral Sea.

Couples visit a tropical island - Low Isles, the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Some corals reefs have built up over hundreds of years and developed into coral cays that are now inhabited by birds and local flora and fauna.  The nearest one to Port Douglas is Low Isles located 8 nautical miles from the shore.

Each day there are boat tours that take visitors for a full day or half day snorkel trip to this picturesque uninhabited island.

The Low Isles began its life about 5,000 years ago and despite only a hectare of land being above the high tide mark it supports an amazing diversity of over 50 species of plants.

You can have a hand in hand walk around the island and admire the stunning views.  Looking up you may see a Sea Eagle or an Osprey eyeing up their next meal in the crystal clear waters below.  On the ground between November to March the Torris Trait Pidgeons come into nest.  White Breasted Wood Swallows and Turns are more permanent inhabitants that flit around the branches. You might be lucky to see a flitting honeyeater or a darting kingfisher.

The reefs off the Low Isles are stunning, packed with hard and soft coral and plenty of fish life.  This island is a favourite of passing Green and Hawksbill turtles and it’s not uncommon to see their heads pop up whilst you are snorkelling, take a breath and then swim back down again, or see them hanging around languorously in the corals just chilling.

Love on the Reef for Couples at Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

And then there is the star of the show – The Great Barrier Reef itself, the world’s largest reef system that is composed of 2,900 individual reefs that stretches for over 2,600 km (1615 miles). Its size is bigger than Holland, Switzerland and UK – combined that’s half the size of Texas.

More than 1500 fish call the reef their home and with 10% of the world’s total fish species found here it is a highly important eco environment.

The two reef systems mainly visited by tour companies from Port Douglas is Agincourt and Opal Reef.  These reefs are about 30 nautical miles north of Port Douglas and are east of Cape Tribulation. Due to the area not having much agriculture or settlement the reefs here are pristine and very healthy. This is the region Sir David Attenborough tells the world is his most favourite place in all the world.

You might be lucky to see one of the six species of turtles that come to the Great Barrier Reef to breed or one of the thirty species of dolphins, whales and porpoises that visit.   From May onwards it is possible to see Dwarf Minke Whales and the Humpbacks come in around July. These amazing cetaceans will enjoy the warmer water of the Great Barrier Reef to calve and mate before returning on their 10,000 km round trip back to the feeding grounds of Antarctica.

Boats leave Port Douglas daily to the outer Great Barrier Reef. You can snorkel, where you will both able to discover, by just putting your faces in the water, an amazing underwater world.  If you would like to be immersed more in your underwater experience you can both try scuba diving.

It’s such another experience to see the underwater world when you are actually there. Seeing fish going about their daily business, guarding their homes, getting cleaned and feeding. The amazing colours of the angel and butterfly fish. You might be lucky to see a passing turtle or a shark (these are harmless black and white tip sharks). A friendly Maori Wrasse might befriend you like a dog (and about the same size).

For the less active you can go on a semi-submersible submarine, or see the underwater world through a glass bottom boat or even go on a helmet walking tour.  A trip by helicopter for just the two of you to your own private island for lunch puts the capital “R” in Romance as you see the amazing sight of the Great Barrier Reef from the air – paradise is truly a place on earth.


If you just want to walk down the beach hand in hand or lie on a towel and relax, Port Douglas boasts four miles of them!  Walk along hand in hand on the white sand beach of Four Mile Beach that stretches out in an arc, framed by towering coconut palms - a perfect place to watch the sunrise.

After you have read all of this you can see that Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland Australia really is a great holiday destination for a couple’s getaway.