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Port Douglas Yacht Club

The Port Douglas Yacht Club

The Port Douglas Yacht Club

The Port Douglas Yacht Club is a lively club in Port Douglas.  Enthusiastic in ensuring that their Club Members and Port Douglas locals are given great entertainment, delicious food and a host of activities to mingle at, The Port Douglas Yacht Club is a strong pulse in the social scene of Port Douglas.

The Port Douglas Yacht Club have many ad hoc live music events like ‘Rock the Yacht’ and DJ events (keep an eye out in the local press for dates of these).  Here are some of their more permanent activities and attractions:

The Yachty Restaurant

There can’t be too many restaurants in Port Douglas that have such a perfect location in such a picturesque spot.  Overlooking the waters and mangroves of the Dickson Inlet to the east and views across the Reef Marina and the waving masts of luxury yachts to the south.

Eating here is one of Port Douglas’s best-kept secrets.

With wonderful flavours like the Moroccan spiced lamb backstrap with herbed slaw and hummus and mint yoghurt, lobster tail with fragrant coconut cream sauce and Nannygai fillets with watermelon and nut salad the menu is varied and creative.

Salads here aren’t just about bunging some green leaves on a plate, Yachty salads are scrummy with added nuts, specially mixed dressings and a lot of love and care in creating delicious creative food.

You can choose whether to sit under cover or outside under the auspices of the majestic coconut trees.

There is a licensed bar selling Australian and imported wines and beers.

Lunch 12.00pm - 2.30pm

Dinner 5.30pm - 8.00pm

Port Douglas Yacht Club – WAGS – Free Sailing Wednesday Afternoon

Every Wednesday the Yacht Club members volunteer their time and space on their yachts to take the public out sailing. (Minimum age 18).

This is a great experience for visitors to travel on a yacht from the Yacht Club, past the Reef Marina and the iconic coconut palms of “The Point”and out to the Coral Sea.  You will witness the amazing scenery as the sun sets sending its amber tendrils of light over the peaks of Cape Tribulation and reflected in the waters of the Coral Sea.

All passengers are asked to arrive at the Yacht Club at 4.00 pm to sign paperwork (disclaimer).  The Skippers of the yachts arrive between 4.00pm to 5.00pm when allocations of boats and passengers are organised. Please note that depending on conditions, supply and demand there may be occasions when not everyone who attends will be able to sail.

You will then make yourself comfortable on board your yacht.  If you wish to help crew then there are opportunities to be ‘hands on’ or if you just want to soak up the experience and kick back then that’s fine also. 

You will depart around 5.00pm and return around 7.00pm.  On your return you can then stay for dinner and drinks at the Yacht Club restaurant “The Yachty”.

Though this experience is offered free, as a way of thanking the skippers it is customary to buy them dinner (and probably a drink or two wouldn’t go amiss).

Be aware that availability can fluctuate due to various factors, from weather conditions to number of yachts and skippers in attendance that day.

Call Colin on 0429 901 250

Mickey Ink – Port Douglas Yacht Club – Race Week

Every year over the May Labour Day Weekend, The Port Douglas Yacht Club presents the Mickey Ink Port Douglas Race Week.  This is a fun packed week full of sailing, good food and camaraderie.

Port Douglas Yacht Club is the perfect location for any sailing activity being located so close to the stunning yachting playground of the Coral Sea.  This regatta is held over 5 days and involves a schedule that includes racing around the amazingly beautiful Snapper Islands and Low Isles. 

There will also be a race that will follow the coconut tree fringed white sand coast of Four Mile Beach (though it is closer to 4km in length).

Celebrations during the week will include the best local musicians playing live.  Delicious food will be served at The Yachty restaurant and drinks served at the licensed bar.

Barefoot Sundays – The Port Douglas Yacht Club

Port Douglas Yacht Club has launched a series of Barefoot Sundays.  These afternoons offer a great time of sailing, great food and music.

Come down at 10:00am and have a go in sailing the J24 “Port FM Mais Oui”.  The J24 is the most popular type of keelboat and is popular worldwide for all types of sailing, whether as a beginner or more experienced.

At 11:00am you can dine on a brunch that includes great value meals and buckets of prawns. For a delicious culinary treat a pig is roasted on a spit, making a wonderful aroma for your nasal passages.

The Port Douglas Yacht Club is the perfect place to while away a lazy Sunday, surrounded by the waters of the Dickson Inlet and the waving masts of the yachts in the Reef Marina. 

Sip your sundowner drinks from the licensed bar and watch the suns setting rays glimmer over the mountain peaks of Cape Tribulation in the distance. Sit under the leaves of the surrounding coconut palms serenaded by the wonderful vocals of local musician, Jason Dylan.

The Yacht Club – Wedding and Special Events Venue

Your wedding day has to be perfect.  Surrounded by all the people you love, celebrating in one of the most beautiful places in the world and dining on delicious food.

Port Douglas Yacht Club has played host to many a couples’ ‘big day’ along with special occasions such as birthdays, engagements and anniversaries. 

The backdrop of the proceedings are the distant peaks of the mountains of Cape Tribulation and majestic towering coconut trees. The lush mangroves of the Dickson Inlet to the north and to the south the stunning white boats and bobbing masts of the yachts of the Reef Marina. The balmy tropical climate gives an almost guaranteed sun soaked day.

The venue can cater for up to 150 people seated and liquor licence hours can be extended (21 days notice). Dancing and music, DJ or bands are all available upon request.

Please note that the club is not possible to be exclusive as there are members that use the club, but the function area can be partitioned off.


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