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Port Douglas Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest Tours

Billy Tea Port Douglas Cape Tribulation Daintree Tour

Billy Tea is the company most people want to book with to go and see the World Heritage Daintree and Cape Tribulation rainforests once they see these purpose built overland vehicles that you travel in as they are so authentic in design and provide all the comforts you would wish for in a four wheel drive adventure.

Billy Tea is also one of the most trusted and multi award winning tour operators that have been leaders in both day tours and overnight tours to Tropical North Queensland and Cape York for over 20 plus years

On this day tour you will cruise the wild Daintree River searching for large salt water crocodiles, birds, butterflies, snakes and lot’s more interesting critters that call the rainforest habitat their home. Then it’s off into the hills and rainforests to walk the elevated boardwalks and learn all about the ecology and importance of protecting our rainforests and its inhabitants and learn how the Aboriginals survived in such a harsh environment and co-existed with the rainforest and its animals.

Travel all the way up the Bloomfield track to Emmagen Creek and swim in the crystal clear waters and sample some unique tropical fruits you may never have seen before.    

Call us to book on 1300 761 612 or 07 4059 5959 

BTS Tours Port Douglas Cape Tribulation Daintree Rainforest Tours

This is another one of those favourite tours for the more active guests that really want to do something different like canoeing down pristine rivers in amongst the rainforests and then taking a swim in the crystal clear waters with fish and turtles.

This great little tour does not operate every day so if you are after a real rainforest immersion type of tour then you will need to enquire about the availability early to get your seat on the truck.

BTS tours have been taking visitors to Cape Tribulation for 29 years now so they are a brilliant source of knowledge that they have gained from all these years of visiting these precious rainforests.

For an extra point of difference you will be cruising down the Cooper Inlet which is on private property looking for the ferocious salt water crocodile so please keep your hands inside the boat or you could be lunch     

As with all other day tours morning and afternoon tea are provide as well as a barbeque lunch.

Call us to book on 1300 761 612 or 07 4059 5959

Private Charter Tour to Bloomfield Falls Cape Tribulation

If it’s a personalised private charter tour you are after then this 4 wheel drive tour to the Bloomfield Falls is a one of a kind. The Deluxe Safaris fleet consists of Toyota Landcruiser’s that are big luxurious 4WD’s, Mercedes Sprinter vans with leather seats and arm rests, and also  comfortable Toyota Coasters for those larger numbers.

Your personal tour guide will take you on an adventure like no other pointing out all the items of interest that your eyes may very well have missed but due to their experience nothing will escape their attention.   

Your tour guide will take you to locations far away from the normal tourist routes so that you can immerse yourself in the natural wild beauty of the rainforests and the beaches.  

On your private charter tour you will see ancient Aboriginal rock art, take a cruise down Cooper Creek to spot salt water estuarine crocodiles (no swimming here) and take walks along the elevated boardwalks in the rainforest 

As you will be going off road and travelling some distance it is suggested you have an early night as you will be collected around 7.30 am to begin your day of action and adventure with Deluxe Safaris

Call us to book on 1300 761 612 or 07 4059 5959

Deluxe Safaris Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation

An early morning pick up from your Port Douglas resort or hotel is required for you to take this comprehensive day tour to Cape Tribulation to explore this World Heritage region and then make your way back down to the beautiful and mysterious Mossman Gorge.

Your vehicle for the day may be either one of the following a luxury Toyota Landcruiser, a Mercedes Sprinter van or a Toyota Coaster bus for the larger numbers of people.

You will venture along elevated boardwalks with your personal tour guide pointing out items of interest and informing you about the history of the region and teaching you all about symbiosis and lots of other interesting facts that you may never heard of before.

Take a boat cruise down Cooper Creek looking for salt water crocodiles, birds, butterflies and lots of other interesting rainforest dwellers, take a walk on beautiful beaches where the rainforest grows to the edge of the sand, walk along trails to reach the peak so you can gaze out over the ocean and mountains beyond and then begin your journey back to Port Douglas but not before calling into Mossman Gorge to explore this new interactive Aboriginal cultural centre and maybe even have a swim in the cool river.

Call us to book on 1300 761 612 or 07 4059 5959

Port Douglas Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest Tours

The forward thinking so called hippies of the eighties were the initial saviors of the now world Heritage Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforests as they recognized early on the extreme eco value of the regions rare and highly endangered and somewhat pre-historic animals and ancient rainforest trees that needed to be preserved for future generations to come. They fought the Government who just wanted to make a short term living out of wood chipping these rainforests to the ground and they fought the bulldozers and the men that wanted to destroy this magnificent wild region.

Today people from all over the world come to Port Douglas to see these world re-known rainforests and the creatures that live here. Scientists, Archeologists, Ornithologists and every other oligist visits this area as the rainforests are still hiding lots of medicines that can help to cure cancer and other illnesses and they are still discovering bird species, insect species and lots of other plants and flora and fauna never seen before.

Tourists now flock to see the beauty of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation rainforests and in doing so they are helping to preserve these rainforests and they are providing Australia with a lot more currency than the short term thinking of the Australian Government and their wood chipping plans. Tourists can canoe in the pristine rivers and kayak along the rugged coastline to snorkel of islands that lay just off shore. They can wander along the boardwalks and see wildlife that does not exist in other parts of the world and they can swim under pure waterfalls and wander the deserted rainforest lined beaches.

If you were thinking about a private charter for your group to visit the Daintree and Cape Tribulation Rainforests then please give us a call and we can put it all together for you as we are locals and we know all the secrets of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation region. Please call us on 07 4059 59 59 during business hours and we will be pleased to assist.

Make your reservation here on line or call us for more information during business hours on 07 4059 5959. Should you wish to change the days that you have booked your Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest tour just make sure you let us know at least 48-72 hours before the date of travel to ensure availability for your new date.

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