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Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef Tours

Port Douglas Reef Tours - Outer Barrier Reef Pontoon

This is the only Great Barrier Reef tour that operates out of Port Douglas 365 days of the year taking guests to the outer Barrier Reef section known as the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs for a day of fun and adventure on an interactive floating pontoon.

This part of the Great Barrier Reef is said to be the most pure body of water in the world free of pollution and home to some of the most spectacular snorkelling and scuba diving attractions in the world.

With the crystal clear water you can see the myriad of fish species, colourful and not so colourful corals in all shapes and sizes.

The shimmering catamaran is known as a “Wavepiercer” specifically designed to move similar to a hovercraft to cut thru the waves and offer guests a much smoother transfer out to the activity platform that is permanently anchored on the reef.

Once on the pontoon activity platform you can then go off and begin your days adventure that may combine, scuba diving, an Ocean Walker Helmut diving experience, a scenic helicopter flight or a snorkel with a Marine Biologist who will teach you all about the reef.

Foating pontoons or activity platforms are great for families with children as they can move around on the platform and they can also snorkel in a safe environment.

They are also perfect for those guests that cannot swim or even want to go in the water but still want to see the reef so on this Great Barrier Reef tour they can ride around the reef on a semi-submersible submarine tour. They can also spend time watching everyone else from the underwater observatory located under the platform or even take a scenic helicopter flight from the pontoon to watch it all from above.

There is so much to see and do on the interactive platform you may just not have time to experience everything on the one day.

For those guests that may have some disabilities this is the perfect reef day tour for you also and for those who do not like boats at all then you can fly out and back by helicopter which offers spectacular views.      

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Silversonic Reef Tour

Silversonic cruises out from Port Douglas to the Agincourt Ribbons Reefs and does not visit one location but 3 locations in one day offering you a better opportunity to see a bigger variety of coral and marine life on your Great Barrier Reef day tour.

The skipper chooses these 3 locations based on the weather, winds, tides and currents along with the current marine activity specifically the giant Humpback Whales and the inquisitive Dwarf Minke Whales that come to the Great Barrier Reef to calve during the months of July to September.

Silversonic is one of only 7 boats in the world with a permit to swim with the Dwarf Minke Whales so as you can imagine this boat is very much in demand by tourists over these months.

Another special feature of this boat is the smooth control ride system which makes the boat move similar to a hover craft along the water in rougher conditions providing a lot more comfort for guests. There are also hot showers on board for those winter months and hot drinks are sold thought the day.

If you are a certified mad keen scuba diver then this is a boat for you, if you are a snorkeler wanting to see the best the reef has to offer then this day tour is also for you and if you are ready to try an introductory open water dive then this is one place you really want to give it your first go.

If you are taking your family out the reef we would not recommend taking young children on Silversonic as you do not visit any island or any land during the day. For all water activities you enter the ocean from the rear of the boat from the hydraulic deck.  

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Quicksilver Cruises Wavedancer Island Tour

Wavedancer is the perfect relaxing reef tour that departs from Port Douglas on a daily basis taking guests across the ocean over to the idyllic Low Isles and Woody Island.

She is a large catamaran with fully air-conditioned saloon and wide beams providing plenty of space for guests to spread out and take in the glorious scenery whilst having the wind flowing thru their hair under the brilliant sunshine.

This day tour is suited to families both young and old as it caters perfectly to everyone. Take a glass bottom boat tour around the island to the passage between Woody Island and Low Island and see all the sea turtles as they cruise around in the waters below or snorkel from the beach into the deeper waters so you can swim alongside with them.

On the beach there are little sun shelters and there is also an historical lighthouse that you can explore with your boat crew to learn all about the history of the island of yesterday and today. You will be fascinated by all the stories of the historical and scientific significance that this little Isle has contributed to our knowledge of the marine environment.

A great relaxing reef day tour for everyone

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Poseidon Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef Tours

Poseidon is a much loved reef tour that departs from the marina in Port Douglas on a daily basis taking visitors to snorkel and dive only the best locations on the outer Barrier Reef in and around the Agincourt Ribbon Reef systems.

Just like the Silversonic vessel this boat has a roving permit allowing its skipper to plan the days cruising destinations based on the weather and marine activity as they too have one of the rare swim with whale licences that allows the guests to hop in the water 10 minutes at a time holding onto a rope whilst the Dwarf Minke Whales swim all around you.

The swim with whale’s season occurs in the months of July to September and as they are wild animals the interaction is of course at their discretion and the visitors and boats are not allowed to actively pursue them the whales have to approach you on their terms only.

Poseidon visits 3 snorkelling and scuba diving locations giving the guests the full Great Barrier Reef experience. Just like Silversonic we would not recommend taking really young children on this tour as there is no mooring near land or a pontoon and young children need space and plenty of things to do to keep them occupied and happy.             

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Sailaway IV Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef Island Tour

Sailaway is not one luxury catamaran but two custom built Lagoon 500’s specifically chosen to ply the waters of the Great Barrier Reef to Low Isles.

Choose from an 8.30am to 4.00pm or a 1.30pm to 6.30pm (the latter includes a sunset cruise) or just the sunset sailing tour 5.00pm to 6.30pm with all departures leaving from the Port Douglas marina for your day or evening that is perfectly flexible and all yours to enjoy

The boats carry a maximum of only 33 guests keeping the day more bespoke and personalised with only your reef experience top of mind with the crew. The morning sail is more suited to families with children under 16 year of age as they like to keep the afternoon tour more for the adults to enjoy the peace and tranquillity in the company of other adults with total holiday relaxation time in mind.

The afternoon tour then also enjoys a sunset sailing experience giving guests the opportunity to see the brilliant shapes and colours of the sky, the mountains and the ocean all giving a show of their own to the awe of all guests on board the boats.

Should you wish to take your whole family including the younger one’s under 16 year of age on the sunset tour then call and book for the 5.00pm departure as this specifically caters for everyone to enjoy the sailing experience.   

Please note Low Isles is famous for guests seeing turtles so if that is one of your goals whilst visiting the reef then book a luxury day on a tropical island with Sailaway Cruises now

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Calypso Pure Snorkel Port Douglas

Take off for a day of pure snorkelling from the marina in Port Douglas with Calypso Pure snorkel to beautiful Opal Reef where guests can just jump in the water from the rear platform of this custom built catamaran.

No need to worry about divers on one side and snorkelers on the other on this boat as you and your snorkel adventure are the top priority of the day for the boats crew on this Great Barrier Reef day tour.

You could spend hours snorkelling around the “fish bowl’ watching all the colourful fish coming and going and discovering giant clams, turtles, Nemo’s, Dory’s and much more!   

If you are not a great swimmer don’t worry as all of the reef boats carry flotation vests and pool noddles that allow you to swim and snorkel around for hours without a problem. A great day tour for the whole family to enjoy some high quality snorkelling.

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Calypso Scuba Dive and Snorkel Port Douglas

On this reef tour you can mix up the day with a bit of snorkelling and a bit of scuba diving. If you are not a certified scuba diver then you can jump in the open water and do an introductory dive to see if you like the experience and then possibly at a later stage go on and do your full scuba diving licence over a 5 day period.

This vessel will take you out into the much deeper waters of Agincourt Ribbon Reefs where you will encounter much larger species of fish and other marine life such as the Hump head Maori Wrasse who are quite inquisitive, black tip reef sharks that are more scared of you than you are of them, turtles and much more.

During the months of July to September the mighty Humpback Whales and the Dwarf Minke Whales come to the Agincourt Ribbon Reef region to calve in the safe coral lagoons away from predators so you have a high chance of seeing mothers and their calves at this time of year  

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Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef Tours

A Reef tour from Port Douglas in Queensland Australia offers the visitor some dramatic scenery as you depart the safe marina harbour and head out thru the inlet to the waters of the Great Barrier Reef for a day of snorkeling or scuba diving. The nearest point for snorkeling from Port Douglas is a beautiful little island called Low Isles and there are a small number of day boats that take visitors to this island every day of the year. The journey is around about 45 minutes to one hour dependant on the type of cruise boat your are on. The next destination for some snorkeling and scuba diving is the pristine waters of the outer Barrier Reef at Agincourt Ribbon Reefs. These waters are known as some of the most pure and cleanest waters in the whole world and as such provide the scuba diver and snorkelers with the most dramatic underwater experiences seen on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Port Douglas is the only reef location in Australia where guests can get in the water and snorkel with the cute and inquisitive Dwarf Minke whales during their annual migration which is in the months of June and July and it is the location the whales choose to safely have their calves. Please take a look at our Port Douglas Reef trips below and if you have any questions or you would like more information on private boat charters please do not hesitate to call and we will be only too pleased to assist.

Make your reservation here on line or call us for more information during business hours on 07 4059 5959 Should you wish to change the days that you have booked your reef tour just make sure you let us know at least 48-72 hours before the date of travel to ensure availability for your new date.

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