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Adrenaline Tours and Attractions

Hot Air Ballooning

Port Douglas and Tropical North Queensland is known as the destination in Australia for lots of action and adventure and the place to go for extreme sports, adrenaline pumping activities, tours and attractions and one of those activities that just may fit into this category is a Hot Air Balloon ride.

Soaring up high in the sky in the early morning mist to see the sun rise in the east you can watch all the animals wake up from their night’s sleep to begin their day of foraging around for their breakfast down below as you silently creep along on the wind currents without them even acknowledging your presence.

For your adventure you may choose from a half hour hot air balloon ride or the one hours hot air ballooning experience where you get to ride in the basket and have two take offs and two landings as new people come on board to partake in their half hour adventure.

Hot Air Ballooning from Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland is said to be the best value saving you around $100 per person and one of the most scenic places in Australia as the air is so pure and clean you can see for miles and miles

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White Water Rafting

With two departures a day from Port Douglas during the Green season you can be white water rafting down a beautiful river within 90 minutes from your resort in Port Douglas in a six man raft.

The Barron River operates on water releases from the top of the mountain and the rapids are classed as a grade 3. As you shoot thru the canyons in amongst the screams you will have time to take a good look around you to admire the beauty of the rainforests that hug the riverbanks.

Coach transfers are included in your tour price and you will need to pay an insurance and water levy on the day of departure. Always wear shoes and clothes that you are prepared to get wet in and bring along some dry clothes for you to get changed into for the journey back to your Port Douglas holiday accommodation.

You will be rafting down the river for about two hours and you will certainly be getting a little bit of a heart starter now and again. White water rafting is the perfect pre wedding activity for groups as it brings everyone together under an extreme situation which enables them to bond faster and relax in each other’s company.   

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Helicopter Scenic Flights

Some people are terrified of flying in helicopters but in reality we think they should really be terrified of driving cars on our roads instead. From Port Douglas you can take a scenic helicopter flight to just fly over the township of Port Douglas to see the lay of the land and admire the mountainous scenery behind. As you fly over the rivers you may even see some crocodiles under the water or on the banks of the rivers just happily sunning themselves.

The best and most highly recommended tour is to take the scenic helicopter flight from Port Douglas over the Great Barrier Reef and out to a platform for a day of snorkelling and seeing the reef from above and below the water’s surface to give you the greatest experience possible encompassing all of the reef and its beauty.

If you have already been to the reef then why not take a helicopter and take in some rainforest scenery and outback scenery for the day and combine it with a beach landing or a waterfall landing to swim and enjoy a picnic basket for a few ours.

For those romantics that are planning a proposal taking a helicopter out to a secluded sand cay and getting down on bended knee to ask the one you love for your hand in marriage is always a sure winner. Who could say no when you have gone to so much thought and careful planning?

There are many scenic helicopter tour choices that depart from Port Douglas so it’s best to either give our Tour Specialists team a call and discuss your requirements or just browse thru our Port Douglas tours here to find what you may be looking for

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Skydiving is definitely another heart and gut wrenching extreme sport that some folks seem to get their jollies from but I seriously still cannot bring myself to join in on this madness.

Whilst there are no skydiving departure points in Port Douglas itself you will be required to make your own way down to Cairns for an early morning departure to begin your ascension to the heavens to then just jump out of a perfectly good airplane and plummet to the ground hopping your parachute was packed according to the instructions and that your instructor is not as scared as you are.

If after reading this you are still prepared to partake in this extreme sport then you have a few choices to make the first one being check your life insurance. No just joking now seriously the safety records are near perfect in Australia as all the I’s are dotted and the t’s crossed when it comes to safety in this country of ours.

You can Jump The Beach taking off from the airfield then flying out over the Great Barrier Reef and then jumping out at Mission Beach down onto the sand at the main beach of this beautiful village or you can land in a cane field in Cairns which may be the better option for you if staying in Port Douglas as Mission Beach is quite a long distance away.

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The Tour Specialists

Your half day Cairns Canyoning tour begins with a walk to the top of the Crystal Cascades creek, taking in the tropical rainforest environment along your way. Once at the top, your highly experienced canyoning guides will then lead you down the creek – cliff-jumping, sliding, abseiling and zip-lining.

This adrenaline pumping half day canyoning tour from Cairns is perfect for those adventurous travellers who want to soak up the beauty of a tropical creek in the rainforest while having fun and getting an adrenaline rush at the same time! 

This Cairns canyonining adrenaline tour appeals to the adventurous minds and nature lovers; if you like white water rafting you will definitely enjoy this canyoning tour!

From Port Douglas drive north and partake in a horse ride along the pristine beaches of Cape Tribulation.

Take in views of the coral sea, home of the Great Barrier Reef, on one side and the ancient Daintree Rainforest on the other side. Keep an eye out for wildlife from the comfort of your horses saddle.

Cape Tribulation beach horse rides journey along the pristine sands of Cape Tribulation’s beautiful Myall beach.

Ride your horse along the beach in Cape Tribulation as your tour guides capture some photographic memories of you and your horse on your own camera. 

Keep an eye out for the native wildlife like cassowaries, tree kangaroos, large monitor lizards, green tree frogs and the vibrant Ulysses butterfly; you never know who you will bump into in the wet tropics!

Who Can Horse Ride?

From first time horse riders to the very experienced, everyone is catered for here on our Cape Tribulation beach horse riding tours.

The skilled staff will match a friendly, well trained horse to suit your abilities and assist you throughout the tour if required. 

As you become more confident try picking up the pace with a canter or stay at a leisurely pace that you’re comfortable with.

Horse rides depart daily at 11:00am & 2:30pm

Port Douglas Adrenaline Tours and Attractions

If you are tired of lazing around in the sunshine by the pool at your Port Douglas Resort and being a bit soft, then why not leap into some action and adventure and try out some of the local tours and attractions in the region?

The rush and excitement of racing down a raging river, hand feeding a massive saltwater crocodile, parachuting from an aeroplane or jumping off a ledge with a rubber band around your ankle is sure to give you that adrenaline buzz you were looking for on your holiday in Port Douglas.

Call The Tour Specialists on 1300 761 612 (International: +61 7 4059 5959) or email for all your Port Douglas Tour bookings and reservations.

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