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Port Douglas Family Tours and Attractions

Port Douglas Snorkelling Tours - Low Isles - Wavedancer

Take a Port Douglas Island tour and sailing trip to Low Isles on our  big 30 metre luxury sailing catamaran that is part of the multi tourism award winning Quicksliver Group of companies. She sails daily to the idyllic group of tropical islands called Low Isles which lay approximately 15 klm north east of Port Douglas.

After a calm 70 minute cruise to the Low Isles we moor in the lagoon to begin your day of snorkelling and exploring the Great Barrier Reef with your family. This island provides the perfect reef tour for those people with either very young children or older grandparents so they can just amble in and out of the water as they please.

Low Isles is also very well known as the island to visit if you were hoping to come across some green sea turtles and a great place to take in the historical walk to the lighthouse with one of our Marine Biologists to learn all about its maritime history and the part it has played in our current knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef and it inhabitants. 

The other bonus of this Low Isles day tour is that guests can join a guided snorkel tour with a Marine Biologist, a beach walk with the Marine Biologist and a glass bottom boat tour to spot turtles and other vibrant reef fish.

This Port Douglas reef trip to Low Isles reef is such a perfect day tour to satisfy everyone of all ages and capabilities in the family     

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Port Douglas Luxury Snorkelling Tour & Sand Cay Experience - Sailaway 

Port Douglas luxury snorkel tour to the outer Great Barrier Reef sections of Mackay and Undine Cay. The snorkelling here is simply wonderful and the yacht is of very high calibre as are the crew that escort you to the reef for this Port Douglas reef tour.

Book your place early for our luxury Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef sail and snorkel tour to visit two stunning coral reef locations on the outer sections of the world famous Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

Our reef trips stand out from most others reef tours, as we only specialise in luxury high quality catamarans that give guests the luxury of space and high quality inclusions.

Our crew are also trained at the highest level in guest service and they know these sections of the Great Barrier Reef intimately and ensure they show our guests a wonderful time on our Great Barrier Reef tours.

On our outer Great Barrier Reef tour from Port Douglas we only cater for a maximum of 45 guests ensuring each and every person is personally looked after by a crew member on the day to ensure they have a great experience seeing this magical underwater world and learn about the things they are looking at under the water.

If you are also looking for an environmentally minded Great Barrier Reef tour then this is the one for you as we use wind power as much as possible and $20 from each tour goes into funding re-forestation in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Call us to book on 1300 761 612 or 07 4059 5959


Skyrail Kuranda Scenic Train and Kuranda Village

The journey on the Skyrail gondola and the Kuranda scenic railway is one of the most popular and most requested day tours in Port Douglas. The children love the excitement of riding up high over the tree tops in a gondola that gives them a 360 degree view around the countryside to see the rainforest and the mountains. You can now even upgrade to a gondola with a see thru floor so you can look down into the forest below so when you book ask for an upgrade to these new gondolas that are called Diamond View.

From Port Douglas your coach will pick you up and take you to the Skyrail first for the one and a half hour journey up to the village of Kuranda where all the fun only just begins. In Kuranda you can fossick thru the markets, visit all the shops, dine in restaurants, cuddle a koala, hold a baby crocodile or have a black headed python snake draped around your neck. At various times of the year Kuranda has festivals and events that make it even more fun for the family to join in on all the celebrations.

Board the beautifully restored Kuranda Scenic Railway for the one and a half hour journey up the mountain thru a series of 15 hand cut tunnels, over deep gorges and past cascading waterfalls. On the train you can also upgrade to Gold Class where you have a car with club style seating and you are served alcoholic beverages and nibbles for the journey. 

Rainforestation Nature Park! 

This is  where you’ll see 100 million year old rainforest on an authentic WW II Army Duck! Hear interesting facts about plants and native Australian wildlife on this extraordinary guided tour.

You may also get the chance to learn how to throw a boomerang, play a didgeridoo, and experience a musical extravaganza at the Aboriginal indigenous cultural show.

This Kuranda tour will likewise share the opportunity to hand feed a kangaroo and cuddle a koala! You might even want to wander to the butterfly sanctuary and be awed by some of the world’s most colourful creatures.

To return to Cairns and Port Douglas, the Skyrail will take you high above the rainforest canopy with a panoramic view of the Coral Sea.

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Helicopter Rides - Port Douglas Scenic Flights

Getting around in a helicopter is one of our favourite things to do when we visit new holiday locations and taking a scenic helicopter flight from Port Douglas to explore Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the World Heritage Rainforests is a definite must to put on that list of things to do and things to see in Tropical North Queensland.

No doubt you will be taking a trip out to snorkel and scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef and you may even travel out and back by helicopter which we would highly recommend as you get to see the reef from a totally different perspective and you will also have some awesome photographs.  Each helicopter can accommodate 3-6 passengers in total comfort in a modern and sleek fleet of helicopters.

There are many scenic helicopter flights you can choose from to view the region and even a 30 minute scenic flight above Port Douglas will have the jaws of your family dropping as they fly around and see the rainforest clad mountains, raging rivers and streams and fly over a lace like section of the reef. From above you can even spot the crocodiles lying on the river beds below. Choose your helicopter experience from either a scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef or a wonderful journey across the World Heritage Rainforests of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation region.

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Port Douglas White Water Rafting - Barron River

Even when staying in Port Douglas you can still enjoy a day out in the white water rapids with your family.  When you have children at an age when they are not quite old enough to be let loose and not be under the full supervision of mum and dads eyes it can be very hard to find some tour or activity that they would find fun and you would also find fun doing together as a family.

Why not try White Water Rafting on the Barron River. This is a half day activity with 2 daily departures depending on the season. This tour operates from Cairns however return transfers from Port Douglas accommodation are available - this is a 45 minutes coach transfer)

The Barron River operates on water releases from the top of the gorge which rush down thru the granite canyon and into the lovely lake at the bottom of the falls. This is where you and your young children can learn the skills of paddling and controlling a raft surrounded by the beautiful rainforests and mountains along the river.

Book your white water rafting tour for your family with a pick up in Port Douglas today.

Call us to book on 1300 761 612 or 07 4059 5959

Port Douglas Reef Tours - Quicksilver Reef Trips To Pontoon

Save $125.00 on our Family Pack Deal, 2nd Child Travels Free. Port Douglas reef tours, Great Barrier Reef tour from Port Douglas with the most awarded reef tour company in Australia.

Save $125.00 on our Family Pack Deal, 2nd Child Travels Free

On our Port Douglas reef tour we also have the added bonus of traveling out to one of the most spectacular Outer Barrier Reef pontoon sites on the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs in Queensland Australia.

This Great Barrier Reef tour is also the perfect choice for non-swimmers and those that suffer seasickness and those that wish to see and do as much as possible on the Great Barrier Reef in just one day.

Fly out or back in a scenic helicopter flight to see the reef from above and then dive down below to see it up close. This is one Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef tour you will remember for a lifetime.

Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef Tours - Snorkeling - Diving - Helicopters 

Now for a bit of information on the Port Douglas Outer Great Barrier Reef location where our boat travels to our floating pontoon for your day of snorkeling and scuba diving adventures.  

Agincourt Ribbon Reef is situated on the very edge of Australia’s Continental Shelf. 

This area is 39 nautical miles (72 kilometres) from Port Douglas and is situated opposite the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest, and Cape Tribulation Rainforest and this of course means you will have pristine water clarity and visibility all year round. 

As this Great Barrier Reef tour was the first company to visit the reef daily they have chosen two of the best locations for the placement of their Outer Barrier Reef snorkeling pontoon platforms and to this day they are still the only platform on the very outside edge of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas. 

Daintree Aboriginal Walkabout Tour

Did you know that Australia has the oldest living culture in the world? If not then read on and learn a little about our ancient people right here in the backyard of Australia. 

Book your family on a wonderful day tour from Port Douglas to learn, hunt and explore the rainforests and beaches of the Daintree Rainforest with Aboriginal guides who will impart their ancient wisdom to you as they lead on a wonderous journey thru their lands.

Guests of all ages really enjoy spending time with our Aboriginal guides on this outdoor tour of two World Heritage listed locations.

This Port Douglas day tour consists of two parts, a 2 hour walkabout tour at Cooya Beach and then a visit to Mossman Gorge where you will be welcomed with a Welcome to Country Smoking Ceremony.

This Aboriginal Cultural tour is wonderful for all ages and it's a great way to educate our children about the history and heritage of Australia and it teaches them to be more mindful of the environment and the scenery around them.   

Mossman River Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tour

When staying in Port Douglas with your family it's a great idea to choose some tours and attractions that will suit all age groups and abilities.

Our Mossman River stand up paddle board tours are the perfect option for families with young children, and families that travel with various generations such as grand parents.

We collect you from your Port Douglas accommodation around 2.00pm and head into the cool lush green rainforests of Mossman Gorge for an afternoon of stand up paddle boarding down the tranquil rivers and streams. 

People everywhere are discovering the joys of stand up paddle boarding! It’s easy, great for core strength and yet so relaxing!

This unique Port Douglas SUP board tour has you gliding gently on your stand up paddle board on the crystal waters of the Mossman River as the boughs of rainforest trees hang like filigree décor above you.

With just the sound of your stand up paddleboard splashing in the clear water and the chirrups and tweets of tropical birds and insects serenading you, you will feel like you are a million miles away from ‘civilisation’.

This is you and nature as one… stress? What stress?

The current isn’t strong, so you will drift slowly and find you only need to paddle now and again for direction purposes.

The Daintree Rainforest is the oldest Rainforest in the world and you will see ferns and trees that have been there from prehistoric times. 

48 families of fish varieties, 33 species of aquatic amphibians and reptiles have been identified in the Mossman River alone and some are still unidentified, so you will likely paddle past new unknown species.

Your tour guide will also give you the history of the fruits. On the way back you’ll be drifting with the current so just lie back on your board and look up as the rainforest canopy passes you bye. This is ultimate chilling!

See more family tours and attractions from Port Douglas here

Half Day Daintree River & Mossman Gorge Tour

Daintree Rainforest half day afternoon river cruise and Mossman Gorge tour with a small intimate group and professional tour guide from Port Douglas.

This is the best half day tour to Mossmand Goge and the Daitnree Rainforest. It allows you to sleep in for the morning and then set off for a half day tour and afternoon of cruising down the mighty Daintree River to spot crocodiles, snakes, beautiful birds and butterflies, frogs and many more indigenous Australian animals and also migratory one's too.

See the ferocious crocodiles cruising the river looking for an opportunity to pounce on prey and see the myriad of birds and butterflies that soar above your head, the Daintree River is alive with action.

From here it is off to afternoon tea and to see beautiful Mossman Gorge to walk on the new elevated boardwalk to see the full majesty of this rainforest Gorge and learn about its history and its people. Whilst here enjoy a lovely afternoon tea at the visitors centre before hopping back in your vehicle to return to your Port Douglas holiday accommodation.

Whilst at Mossman Gorge you can even take a dip in the refreshing mountains waters if you feel like cooling off just make sure you bring a towel.

If you are short in time but still want to squeeze in Daintree rainforest and Mossman Gorge tour then this half day afternoon tour departing from Port Douglas is just perfect. With maximum of 13 guests, personalisation is guaranteed.

Explore the mighty Daintree River on a cruise to spot ferocious estuarine crocodiles and walk in the World Heritage listed Daintree rainforest in beautiful Mossman Gorge.

Discovering the Daintree Rainforest doesn’t have to take up a whole day if you are staying in Port Douglas. After all, there is so much to see and do in Tropical North Queensland!

This leisurely half day afternoon tour is showcasing you the best of the Daintree by taking you on a Daintree River cruise and Mossman Gorge.

This tour is taking only up to 13 guests, ensuring you will be enjoying your surroundings in peace and privacy with a well experienced rainforest guide.

Some tasty snacks and afternoon tea is also included

Port Douglas Family Tours and Attractions

A holiday with your family to Port Douglas in Queensland Australia can be as busy as you like or as relaxing as you like.

With Four Mile beach as your playground you and your family can walk, run, play and swim for hours. You can even hire some fun beach equipment as well to keep everyone amused.

We have listed a few suggestions of Port Douglas tours and attractions for both the older children and the younger children for your Port Douglas family holiday.  We can assist you with family Great Barrier Reef tours and Daintree and Cape Tribulation Rainforest tours - and maybe even Crocodile Spotting!

For further information on Family Day Trips and to plan your Port Douglas Family Holiday, contact Cairns Holiday Specialists on   (International: +61 7 4059 5959) or by email.


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