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Port Douglas Things To Do

This website is particularly concerned with holiday accommodation, tours, attractions and activities around the village of Port Douglas. If you are planning on spending some of your holiday time in Cairns then for information about Cairns tours and attractions take a look at this website as it is a vital resource for visitors to Cairns and far north Queensland, The Tour Specialists But if a Port Douglas hotel, resort, holiday apartment or luxury holiday home for your vacation is your interest, then read on! For more information on Port Douglas contact Cairns Holiday Specialists by phone 1300 780 806 or Email us with any queries at where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Accommodation or Tours mentioned on this website.

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Port Douglas Tours & Attractions

Port Douglas is in a remarkable position of being snuggled between two of the worlds most incredible natural phenomena: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Cape Tribulation Daintree Rainforest both of which are easily accessible from your Port Douglas holiday accommodation with all tour operators picking you up from your accommodation daily.

Port Douglas Accommodation by Cairns Holiday Specialists

A trip to the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas is a holiday you won't forget. Beautiful coral reefs, exotic fish, clear warm water and the hot sun combine to make a glorious tropical holiday experience. Whether you are interested in deep-sea diving among giant Maori wrasse fish, or  snorkeling in shallow brilliant blue azure water surrounded by tiny fish on the edge of a coral sand cay, the Great Barrier Reef is a place everyone must visit to see the magnificence of “Mother Natures” creation and its marine inhabitants.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has been described as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and there is little surprise why. As a World Heritage Listed area, the 2000km stretch of coral reef barrier is home to more species of plants and marine life than any other area of this size in the world and it is even visible from outer space according to Buzz Aldren an American Astronaut. The combination of glorious tropical Queensland weather, unspoilt protected rainforests, long white beaches fringed by swaying palm trees, and warm blue water sets a scene for paradise.

The Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas is known as the cleanest and clearest body of water in the world and the marine life that live here and migrate to the region annually are a big attraction for professional scuba divers, scientists and researchers as well as the millions of tourists that flock here annually to see the Great Barrier Reef for themselves.

A visit to the Great Barrier Reef once is definitely not enough, you need to go and experience several reef locations to be able see how every different reef system supports varying corals and in turn support different marine life. Port Douglas is also the departure point for swimming with Dwarf Minke whales so make sure you are here from June to July to have your chance to swim with these cute and curious Dwarf Minke Whales.

The Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest in far north Queensland Australia is another one of the most diverse and beautiful examples of “Mother Nature” in the world. The Daintree rainforest is home to the most diverse range of plants and animals on earth, and all are found within an area of approximately 1200 square kilometers - the largest chunk of tropical rainforest in Australia.

This World Heritage Listed area contains the highest number of plant and animal species that are rare, or threatened with extinction, anywhere in the world. The Daintree Rainforest is a unique area, precariously balanced between the advances of development and the warnings of environmentalists.

  • Visiting the Daintree Rainforest exposes tourists to a wonderful outdoor experience.
  • Untouched tropical rainforest
  • Golden beaches with calm water
  • Hiking tracks
  • Thousands of species of birds and other exotic wildlife
  • Remote wilderness
  • Ecological information about the most diverse ecosystem in the world

Only 30 minutes drive north from Port Douglas is a secluded swimming hole called Mossman Gorge. A short walking track leads down to water that cascades between large boulders to create dozens of small clear swimming craters. A day spent at Mossman Gorge can include hiking along rainforest walking tracks and cooling off in refreshing water holes. Please note there is an entrance fee to go into Mossman Gorge. Nearby are tea and coffee plantations, a rainforest outdoor theatre and informative boardwalks through ancient rainforests.

There are an abundance of tours, activities and Things to Do in, around and from Port Douglas so we have set down below the most popular ones for you to reserve your space for your Port Douglas holidays. We hope you enjoy your time here in Tropical North Queensland and if you would like some more personal advice from us locals here then please do not hesitate to call us during business hours on 07 40 59 59 59 and we will be pleased to assist to make your Port Douglas holiday is the best experience it could possible be.