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Port Douglas Weddings

A mid-afternoon Port Douglas wedding proves to be very popular and it is no surprise as to why. Port Douglas is equally as popular as Palm Cove when it comes to beach wedings.

Port Douglas has idealic tropical locations and beautiful white wedding chapels on the beachfront and the waterfront surrounded by lush parks and gardens. There is also a wide range of choicewhen it comes to luxurious five star hotels and resorts.

As the sun sets on the crystal clear water lapping against the sand along the famous Four Mile Beach and sunlight streams through the canopy of the Daintree Rainforest, Port Douglas provides the wedding couple with the ultimate photographic tropical backdrop to celebrate the happiest day of their lives together.

Everything you Need to Plan your Tropical Ceremony

From romantic beach and rainforest nuptials, quaint beach side chapels, to traditional church affairs, couples continue to choose Port Douglas Queensland Australia as their wedding destination of choice not only for the premium scenic surroundings the region has to offer but the high level of service provided by local Port Douglas wedding planners, celebrants, photographers, florists, musicians, and hotel and resort staff ready and happy to cater to your every whim.

No matter if you are wanting a traditional or contemporary style of wedding, Port Douglas in Queensland Australia offers plenty of options to make your special wedding day both magical and memorable.

Port Douglas Beach Weddings is a bride's directory for all the contacts you will need in Cairns and Port Douglas to assist with making the arrangements for your wedding as stress free as possible.

Port Douglas Wedding Planners

To make your wedding run smoothly it is important to leave nothing to chance in the planning process. In Port Douglas there are many Wedding Planners who can assist you with every aspect of your special day. Port Douglas Wedding Planners are there to take all the stress and worry away from you so you can get on with enjoying the other exciting wedding celebrations.

Port Douglas Wedding Planners know all of the right contacts in the wedding business and they know immediately the places they need to go to arrange one off items or to comply with unusual requests. It is wise to do some soul searching first about your idea of your dream wedding, make a list and then start doing some time on the internet and research for yourself on the type of options available in Port Douglas for your tropical weddings.

Things to think about are the actual location of the wedding ceremony, themes for the wedding, where to hold the wedding reception, how many guests do you need to cater for, wedding transport, wedding flowers, wedding gifts, wedding entertainment and much more.

To some brides wedding planning is a nightmare they just do not need in their busy lives so engaging a wedding planner is the best option, especially if you are coming from interstate and overseas and have lot's of guests coming along as well.

Brides (and the groom) will be pleasantly surprised at the value for money you receive when you engage a Port Douglas Wedding Planner. They are busily working behind the scenes for a flat fee ensuring your wedding runs like clockwork.

Wedding Planners can arrange an intimate wedding for two for under $1000 and an extravagant event for hundreds for a lot more.

Port Douglas Wedding-Honeymoon Accommodation

When you arrange your Port Douglas wedding with the Cairns Holiday Specialists you and your partner will receive the following benefits

  • Discounts on Already Discounted Accommodation
  • Discounts on Your Cairns Honeymoon
  • Discounts on Cairns Tours and Attractions

Your Family and Friends will also receive the following Great Holiday Saving Benefits when they book their accommodation and tours with the Cairns Holiday Specialists .

  • Discounts on Already Discounted Accommodation
  • Discounts on Cairns Tours and Attractions

Not only will a Port Douglas wedding create lasting memories for you and your partner, the region has a fantastic range of Holiday Accommodation options to ensure the comfort and happiness of all your wedding guests.

From luxury Hotels and Resorts to self contained apartments and beachfront Holiday Houses Port Douglas is certainly not short on choice or budget.

For Port Douglas weddings you contact the wedding specialist holiday accommodation company the Cairns Holiday Specialists and they look after all of the ground transportation and holiday accommodation for you and your invited guests at the lowest accommodation rates in the market guaranteed, saving you and your wedding guests money on their holiday in Port Douglas Queensland Australia.

Cairns Holiday Specialists We Guarantee To Match The Lowest Rates

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All you need to do is contact the Cairns Holiday Specialists

The Cairns Holiday Specialists set up a Wedding Register under the bride and grooms names, Then your guests contact them for all of their accommodation bookings, car hire, coach transfers and touring options. The Cairns Holiday Specialists keep an up to date list of your wedding attendee's arrival and departure details, where they will be accommodated and which tours and activities they would also like to participate in.

The Cairns Holiday Specialists office is open seven days a week. 

The Cairns Holiday Specialists give our groups not only the "Best Rate Guarantee" on all Port Douglas holiday accommodation but even further discounts on the already discounted accommodation rates on the website and Discounts on Tours.

Having all your Port Douglas wedding guests' book their holiday accommodation with the Cairns Holiday Specialists saves them money to enjoy all the other things to see and do when attending your wedding which they will thank you for.

See the Cairns Holiday Specialists or telephone them on 07 4059 5959 or email  and see how to we can assist yourselves and your wedding guests today.

Port Douglas Wedding Celebrants

Now you have chosen your Port Douglas hotel and accommodation provider, ceremony and reception venue and wedding date, you will now need a Wedding Celebrant to conduct the formalities and legalities.

As marriage celebrants differ greatly in style and gender, it is important to find one that you and your partner feel comfortable with and one that is available for your desired wedding dates and time.

Have a think about how you would like your wedding celebrant to conduct your wedding. Will it be all pomp and ceremony, or would you like a celebrant that will make you and your guests laugh?

Make sure you also factor in this decision the venue you are actually going to be married as this could really affect your choices.

An example is an underwater wedding ceremony with scuba tanks and waterproof audio visual headsets for yourselves, your marriage celebrant and your witnesses. How about a marriage celebrant to marry you 14,000 feet in the sky with a parachute on your back all holding hands in a big circle. Your jump buddies could be your ceremonial witnesses.

There are so many places and so many ways you can get hitched in Port Douglas Queensland Australia you just need a little advice from a local and a little imagination and your Port Douglas wedding could be the most talked about wedding event of the year.

Port Douglas Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Your wedding photos and videos will be loved and cherished forever and it is important when meeting with your photographer and videographer to give them a clear indication of what you want and what you expect.

Your first decision you will need to make with your husband or wife to be is the type of wedding photographic finishes you would like for your Port Douglas wedding day.

Then you will need to incorporate the theme of the wedding and also what you will both be actually wearing at the wedding along with taking into consideration the venue of the wedding. i.e. can you find a wedding photographer or videographer that is game enough to film you 14,000 feet in the sky with 60 seconds of freefall? Hmmmm

The answer here is yes, our local Port Douglas Wedding Photographers and videographers are used to all sorts of bizarre, unique and wonderful requests to make Port Douglas Weddings special. All you need to do is have a chat on the phone with your chosen photographer or videographer and let them know what you were thinking and see what ideas they can come up with.

 Some photographic wedding image style finishes are antique and sepia to give it that old world charm and romanticism, classic black and white exposure for that classy coffee table album, or full colour to match your Wedding Flowers and floral blooms.

The best paper to use for your Port Douglas wedding images is a lustre paper finish which is more resistant to fingerprints and not over shiny or too glossy and just perfect for those shots with background lighting or sunshine glare.

Wedding videos can be a lot of fun to look back on and also a great thank you gift to all of your wedding guests. Your wedding videographer can set up a whole series like DVD for you starting off with the bride's preparation being filmed and also the groom's preparation and turn it into something like a television reality show.

The next step is onto videoing all the guests' arrival to the Port Douglas wedding location, the bride and grooms transport coverage, the bride and grooms wedding ceremony entrance and the faces of the wedding guests welcoming the bride into the ceremonial gathering.

Then it's onto the wedding celebration venue where your Port Douglas Videographer will spend time mingling amongst your guests and filming the afternoon or evenings celebrations.

Once complete the videographer can also do up a separate gift DVD which contains all the great highlights of your Port Douglas wedding day.

Port Douglas Wedding Transport Options

Your grand entrance to one of the biggest days of your life is very important as every person at your wedding will be looking at you and taking photographs of your arrival so you need to choose your wedding chariot carefully to ensure you can alight gracefully and without a hitch with that long flowing gown surrounding you.

You will need your father or travelling partner to assist you out of the carriage or car ensuring your feet are clear of your hemline so you can look straight ahead at your guests and destination you need to get to without worrying about falling over. These are the little things that require some thinking when choosing your Port Douglas Wedding Transportation to enable the wedding photographers, videographers and guests to get the best shots of your arrival.

Port Douglas Wedding transport Open Top Wedding transport

Other Port Douglas wedding transportation considerations you need to think about are the location of the wedding ceremony and venue, the weather, the theme of the wedding, how many bridesmaid and groomsmen need to be transported and of course your wedding budget.

Some of the Port Douglas wedding car options are the standard white sedan or stretch limousine, a stretch Hummer or for something classic a horse and carriage, or even a helicopter or parachute landing to the surprise of your guests.

Your imagination is the only limitation when making a grand entrance on your wedding day. Port Douglas has so many fun options to get you to the church on time.

Port Douglas Wedding Cakes

Like the wedding transport options, your imagination is the only limitation when deciding on your dream wedding cake. Nowadays you no longer have to go with that formal style of tiered wedding cake. You can put as much of your own personality and style into it as you like.

It's a good idea to have a look around on the internet for current wedding cake creations and trends to give you more of an idea.

You will have to decide on the actual flavour of the cake and some of your choices can be milk or white chocolate mousse, Jaffa, Madeira, fruit cake, or even a blend of flavours like white vanilla and strawberry or liquor filled chocolate cake and even the addition of some fresh fruits to make it visually appealing .

Wedding Cake Wedding Cake Wedding Cake

The wedding cake has to be a visual treat as well as delicious in flavour and that can be achieved with a towering cup cake display or a caricature style wedding cake that reflects yourself and your groom, a flaming bomb Alaska, a colourful display to match your wedding flowers, bonboniere, a highly decorated cake with costume jewellery or ribbons, or assorted layers of cake in all shapes and sizes with different flavours.

Your biggest consideration for your Port Douglas Wedding Cake is the budget. If your budget is limitless then yes a personally designed and hand made wedding cake is the way to go but some handy ideas for you if you are on a wedding budget is to consider buying a slab cake in a particular flavour and have one of your creative friends decorate it for you.

Another way to save money on the wedding cake but still give your guests that wow factor of presentation is to have the bottom layers as fake decorated layers with the real spectacular wedding cake on top.

Another little secret is to have a slab cake made in the same flavours as the wedding cake, decorated the same and pre-cut sitting in the kitchen ready for serving to your wedding guests they will never suspect a thing.

A good wedding cake maker should be able to supply you with some sample tastes to ensure that what you order for your wedding day will be all that you desire. Pick a taste and design that suits you and your partner and it will be the sweetest treat you ever tasted.

Port Douglas Wedding Flowers

Cairns and Tropical North Queensland has some stunning native flora that can be incorporated into your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, bride groom button holes, and other decorations.

Port Douglas is home to some of the world's finest florists who are happy to work with you when creating a signature floral design for your wedding day.

Artificial flowers have recently become a popular option for brides as you can choose from styles and colours to exactly match your wedding dress or the wedding theme. They are easily transported and leave a busy bride with less margin for error and potential damage along with the bonus of getting to keep them forever to decorate your matrimonial home.

You have to consider the types of flowers you will require, where they will be located and who will be wearing them or carrying them, then you need to look at your wedding budget to cater to this. You will need to start off with a wish list and then trim it back if need be.

Flowers are a definite must for the bride not only to keep her hands busy to stop the obvious signs of nervousness but to compliment the bridal gown with some liveliness and colour, the same goes with the bridesmaids and if they are smokers then they can keep a hold on the flowers to stop them from reaching for the cigarettes.

Wedding Party Flowers

The groom usually wears a boutonniere matching the bridal flowers and the chief bridesmaid's flowers are normally different to the other bridesmaids to symbolise her status.

You can also have boutonnières for the groomsmen and as with the chief bridesmaid the chief groomsman will have a boutonnière that is a little different to show his status in the wedding party.

Below we have set down a list of the flowers you may want to consider for your Port Douglas Beach wedding Package. Keep in mind it is totally up to yourself as to how much you would like to spend on flowers as it is no longer taken as offensive if you do not arrange flowers for everyone.

All of your guests are a bit more modern and accepting of the fact that having a wedding is a very expensive exercise.

Wedding Flower List

The Wedding Party

  • - Bridal Bouquet
  • - Flowers for bride's hair
  • - Bridesmaid's bouquets
  • - Maid of honor bouquet
  • - Flower girl headpiece
  • - Flower girl basket decorations
  • - Flower girl petals to toss
  • - Groom's boutonniere
  • - Groomsmen's boutonnieres
  • - Different boutonniere for best man
  • - Mother of the bride corsage
  • - Mother of the groom corsage
  • - Stepmother corsage
  • - Father of the groom boutonniere
  • - Father of the bride boutonniere
  • - Stepfather boutonniere
  • - Grandmothers corsages
  • - Grandfathers boutonnieres


  • - Altar, or other central arrangements
  • - Pew or chair decorations
  • - Candles


  • - Entryway arrangements
  • - Centerpieces for each table
  • - Buffet table decorations
  • - Bar decorations
  • - Flowers to decorate food trays
  • - The Wedding Cake

Port Douglas Suit Hire and Wedding Dresses

As there are no suit hire shops in Port Douglas most brides and grooms use the services of a Cairns Wedding specialist and they have all the bridal gowns and suit hire to accommodate all your wedding fashion needs.

From traditional bridal couture to a more casual beach look, choose a style that suits your personalities as a couple. Brides and grooms can wear anything they desire nowadays and any colour as well to liven things up.

Whilst it is not easy to find a Wedding Dress hire shop the Cairns wedding specialty stores can easily make a wedding gown to suit any budget.

The reason it is hard to find an off the shelf wedding gown to hire is because the material the embroidery and finishes are so delicate on a wedding gown and not conducive to being adjusted too many times as the stitching will show on the material.

Just make sure you give your wedding dress maker at least 4 months notice for them to perfect your masterpiece.

Also do not go for your first fitting and then go on a drastic diet and fitness regime as it will end up costing you more money for the alterations. Just make your wedding day health and beauty ambitions realistic and you will be much happier.

Men's suit hire is another story and the guys have a whole fashion range of styles colours and materials they can select from off the shelf to hire for their Port Douglas wedding day ceremony.

The groom can hire a two piece or three piece suit along with matching shoes and accessories. Styles are many and varied and range from top hat and tails to two button or full button coats the groom just needs to go and have a look at the range of rental suits and then try a style on that suits and then he is done.

Port Douglas Hair and Make up

Mobile hair and makeup artists in Port Douglas are happy to travel to you and make you look beautiful and ready for your grand entrance.

It's a good idea to find a hair stylist and make up artist in one as then you will not have to sit around waiting for one to finish and the other to start, your look can all be completed together as a total package and it will most probably work out at a better price as a bonus.

Your hair and make up stylist can match the ribbons or flowers in your hair to the colour of your bridal flower arrangements or your wedding dress.

Your bridesmaids can all be done around the same time so you can all sit and have some nice girly time with a glass of bubbles to celebrate the upcoming day's nuptials.

When looking around on the internet and in magazines for bridal hair just keep in mind the location of the wedding ceremony i.e. will you be out to sea sailing on a privately chartered yacht or on the beach as the products your hair stylists choose will be dictated on the what conditions your hair style needs to survive in.

In the tropics it may be a bit ambitious to have a classic curled wavy look that can actually last the full day and into the evening with the balmy outdoor conditions so maybe a few trials of styles with your regular hairdresser at home may enable you to come up with something stylish but simple and long wearing.

Your make up is another area where you can have some fun with your bridesmaids back home and have your own makeup parties where you can research your desired looks and then try them out on each other so that every one of you will be feeling and looking like a million dollars on the wedding day.

Port Douglas Hens and Bucks Nights

Celebrating a hens or bucks night in Port Douglas can be fun and unique. While the region boasts plenty of bars, pubs, and Restaurants, brides and grooms to be can celebrate their intended nuptials with a round of Golf on one of the many award winning courses, a day being pampered at some of the finest day Spa's in the world, or taking in a tour of the Great Barrier Reef or Rainforest. All good clean fun!

Great Barrier Reef Fishing Port Douglas Golf Cairns White Water Rafting 

It's not really worth going out on the town the night before your wedding and getting into trouble and then paying for it the next day with a hangover or the possibility of a cancelled wedding. Good clean fun is always best.

Some great suggestions to add to the party list are maybe an early morning ride in a Hot Air Balloon soaring amongst the Tableland mountain ranges and gazing across at the sunrise and the beautiful countryside.

You can even try a day of whitewater rafting screaming down rapids in the middle of rainforests, traversing the hillside on ATV's or quad bikes, horse riding along the beaches, a day out fishing on the outer Great Barrier Reef, skydiving, bungy jumping its all good fun and wedding groups receive discounts.

 Cairns Holiday Specialists We Guarantee To Match The Lowest Rates

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Contact the Cairns Holiday Specialists on 07 4059 5959 or email them at and receive great discounts on your wedding accommodation and tours in Port Douglas Queensland Australia.