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There are literally hundreds of things to see and do when holidaying in Port Douglas Queensland Australia and as a tourist it can sometimes be a bit over awing when you are doing your holiday research on line to find the tours and attractions that will suit every one of your fellow travelling companions when you are not familiar with a region.

We like to do what we call backward planning and firstly sort out the age and capabilities of each of the individuals in your group, we then work out the number of days you are booked into your  Port Douglas accommodation and we ask the probing questions of what do you know about Port Douglas and what is it that you think your group would like to see and do together whilst on holiday? 

From there once we have become more familiar with you and understand your travelling partners likes, dislikes and capabilities then we can make some recommendations on all the tours and attractions that would perfectly fit all of your criteria and ensure everyone gets to see and do everything they were hoping to experience.

To also simplify your research we have put together a list of tours above to get you started with some day tours that depart from Port Douglas.

You can either book on line or call 1300 761 612 and Cairns Holiday Specialists team will be able to give you some good advice over the telephone

Why do tourists, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Models, Scientists, Elite athletes, hippies, backpackers, families, wedding couples, retirees and everyone else flock to Port Douglas on an annual basis for holidays?

It’s simple, because it is a drop dead gorgeous stunning part of the world that is uncluttered, free of pollution, free from the aggravation you get in the big more populated cities, it has beautiful deserted beaches, visually beautiful rugged rainforest clad mountains and the abundance of wildlife are all so very unique to the rest of Australia and even the world so why would you not want to see it and experience it for yourself?  

David Attenbourgh

We have more unique bio diversity in Tropical North Queensland than anywhere else on the planet just ask Sir David Attenborough who states that this region is one of his most favourite parts to visit and explore in the world and even he says we have only scratched the surface!


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Things To Do Things To See Around Port Douglas

A lot of the tours and attractions around Port Douglas are Eco Accredited tours which means the companies running those tours have gone thru some intensive marker tests to ensure their green-house gas emissions are at an accredited level, they are ecologically sustainable,  ecologically sensitive and much more as it is their role to protect and ensure this fragile region is here for many more generations to come so I guess you could say they are the current guardians of the reef and the rainforests and it is good symbiotic business.

Tours and attractions can be broken down into many types of tours such as adrenaline, scenic, family, half day, full day, private charter, fishing, favourite and iconic so sometimes for  new guests holidaying in Port Douglas the thought of which tours to book could put you in a daze just looking at them all.    

Most tourists have firstly come to see Australia’s world famous Great Barrier Reef to partake in some snorkelling or scuba diving in this brilliant underwater world and once they have done that a few times they normally then head off into the wild rainforest jungles of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation region where they can partake in some river snorkelling, sea kayaking to islands, riding horses along a beach, hiking up mountain trails, swimming under waterfalls and in pristine streams, climbing up in rainforest canopy towers, taking walks and going hunting with Aboriginals, zip lining thru the rainforest trees, four wheel driving over dirt trails, silently gliding down wild rivers to see the ferocious salt water crocodiles and spot exotic and rare species of birds and butterflies and much much more as this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Another iconic attraction is to ride the Skyrail Gondola and the Kuranda Scenic Railway to the top of the Macalister Ranges to the cute little village of Kuranda where there is always a hive of activity going on in the street with the buskers or one of their many festivals is in play or even just the market stall vendors telling tourists about their wares .

A big part of the attraction is the actual transportation of getting to Kuranda and now it is even more exciting with the introduction of the  Diamond View gondolas on Skyrail. These are 5 person cabins with see thru floors so you can see what is going on down in the rainforest canopies below your feet how cool is that?   

For the return journey from Kuranda you can ride the train down and now upgrade to the posh Gold Class which has club style seating and your personal host will serve you refreshments of  alcoholic and no-alcoholic drinks  along with some canapé’s whilst you gaze out at the scenery passing you by.

Other things you could do is to walk the Heritage trails that wind around the streets and thru millionaires row stopping at each sign to learn about the history of the old Port Douglas before tourism hit this sleepy little town all those years ago.

There is so much to see and do in Port Douglas and Tropical North Queensland you just need to book that holiday accommodation and come up and see it all for yourself.

For more comprehensive information on all the tours and attractions take a look at tour  options above and you will then be able to do your Benjamin Franklin process of elimination to find the tours that perfect suit you and your travelling companions.

Port Douglas Tours by The Tour Specialists